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Eugenius Neutron-Bham Music Blog (Exclusive Interview & Video Debut)

Bham Music Blog chops it up with the talented "Engenius Neutron" (Birmingham,AL) this interview walks you thru the mind of the emcee, Gives you his views and insight on the music he's about to deliver the world read more on "Eugenius Neutron" as you read scroll below and watch his new video/short film "1st Day" here on #BhamMusicBlog... World Debut. Go Spread the Word... And readers tag any artist names in the interview whom you support. Be on the watch IV Engenius Neutron.

1.How is it goin?

Everything is going good in life for the hear & now. I'm enjoying living in the moments & making some unbelievable memories with those close to me. I can't complain at all. I'm in a real happy place right now.

2.Tell readers and fans where you from ?

I'm from Birmingham, Alabama, westside via Powderly & West End. You know how that goes, those are my roots, but I just like to say I'm from Alabama because all the ties I have with other cities like Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, & other places.

3.How did you come up with your stage name?

Well, I originally started rapping very young under the name 'Mafia Boi', I have no shame in telling that to anyone. I was young & heavily influenced by my surroundings & wanting to make the gangster rap songs I was accustomed to hearing because I could see the things they were speaking of everyday. When I moved to Huntsville for college, I had a different environment which was more productive. It allowed me to really tap into my creative abilities & expand my world. As far as the name 'Eugenius Neutron', it sort of manifested itself. The first part 'Eugenius', came in freestyle I did over Kanye's Go Hard, the bar was something like "...I came out the womb, mama looked at dude, & said 'Boy you are a genius/ real name is what Eugene is...". I wanted to make my stage name close to my real name, because the music became very personal in Huntsville. Actually, I was second guessing it because genius sounds very arrogant for everyday use, but it's actually defined as 'extremely talented', it doesn't mean 'to know everything'. From there it was a play on the words Eu & You. You could be a genius, I can be a genius, or 'Eu & you' can mean "I & I' which is a Rastafarian proverb that I'll let people research for them selves. As far as 'Neutron', people kinda gave me that one. I was working on a series of cartoon-themed mixtapes & the first one was based off Jimmy Neutron & called 'Eugenius Neutron: Boy Genius", I had others I was going to do like. 'Eugenius Laboratory' & "The Vision of Euey Freeman" which I still may, if i get back into mixtapes. But the mixtape did unexpectedly well in Huntsville & people stared calling me "Neutron". Again, I looked up the definition. A neutron is actually the particle in the atom found in the nucleus with a 'Neutral charge' & has the ability to build with positive charged protons or change a electron's 'negative charge' to create new elements. Strangely enough, I felt comfort in the idea as it applies to music & life as a whole.

4.With the body of work you have what do you like the most, mixtapes or eps?

Just between mixtapes & eps? I have a heavy mixtape resume, but honestly, I'm leaning more towards EP's these days. And I may be answering this with too much detail, but 'mixtapes' for me are defined as rapping over jacked beats, DJ hosting, a running theme, & maybe some original music. You know, a mixture of things. EP's can do the same, but 9 times out of 10, it gonna be original content & production which I'm more a fan. For the record, I feel like haven't done an actual mixtape since 2010, which was the "Eugenius Neutron: Boy Genius". The term I prefer is 'Projects'. They were full album-length bodies of music, that were full of original content, themes, & for free. It allowed for me to move them through the digital mixtapes markets & gave me the edge of having certain sounds & songs the were like nothing else in the category. I said EPs earlier because I've always made 80 minute projects to not be wasteful of having physical CD's printed sold & it being over with in a mater of minutes, Nowadays, physical CD's are for the collectors like myself & everyone is streaming & the cell-phone is the number one place for music. EP's give us the ability of creating a condensed version of an album, without taking up the storage data & more importantly, the time from the listeners, while still getting a point across. My number one choice is still the traditional album because as an artist, that what counts to me.

5.When will your new project be dropping?

As soon as its done. There is no roll out plan or anything. It's just a thank you for everyone that purchased music from LDLR (Loner-Dreamer-Lover-Rebel) over the last year. My latest album (Euniversal Understanding) is still doing great. It was by far the most personal thing I've done so far. For that reason, a lot of artist that I enjoy couldn't make the album. I do this everyday & have a lot of songs in the vault. The new project, called "Beyond The Block" consists of some of those songs revamped with other artist, as well as new content made specifically the help build the idea of why I named it 'Beyond the Block'. I usually aim my solo releases for September, but this will be sooner because its really a collective effort from all over Alabama.

6.Who are some of the artist and producers on your new project?

Of course the LDLR/Nu Nation family like No Suh, Do Fresh, Chris Jay, HARU, Baron Amato, & I even sampled Dee Skillz. Others features are some the heavy hitters like C1ub AM, Ms. Carie, K.L.U.B. Monsta, Translee, Jabo, Dynamite Kid, ShuwnRay, Cory Savage, F.A.B. Boy Boochie, Desert Eagle, Cutt Dogg, Ashley Sankey, Nate B., & C. Beezie, As well newer artist like Madam B. & Sutton Steele. The production is primarily by the Robot House collective like Toven Bey, Suaze, Koji The Bandit, & myself, but there's also other great producers like Audio Anthem, Mars2Pluto, Kae-Bo, KT Got Beats, ChriStyle, & Izzy The PROducer.

"1st Day" Video Below
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7.How do you feel about today's digital media and market, how has it changed the music industry in your eyes?

I like the tangibles. The things like struggling to take the plastic off of CD's, collecting vinyls , or even just seeing the artwork and reading the lyrics in the booklets. Digital Media is taking that experience away from a lot of people that have never gotten to know how much that means. However burning CD's almost bankrupted the music business at one point. So when streaming came to play, it was a better way of keep the business side of things going. As an indie artist today, that started recording on cassette tapes, digital media helps me reach places I could never get a physical CD to. I still use CD's to give listeners a tangible experience, but I benefit greatly from being able to make music from the comfort of my home & stream directly onto someone's cell phone. Even with new developments like music DNA, I'm getting discovering by people I may never meet all because of what they already like. I couldn't imagine such things rapping as a kid, but I'm definitely benefiting as an adult with no label or studio ties to control how & when my music goes to people.

8.Whats next in 2016 IV you?

This project "Beyond The Block" is all that I'm planning for myself really in the public eye. More importantly, I will continue to help other artist in my LDLR family like Lauren Michel, DMAN, Toven Bey,& Dee Skillz put out quality music. They're on my agenda for this year while others Like Love Moor & No Suh are still working under the radar. That & doing what I can for the next generation of artist like Kenny Lofton, KT/Error, & Madam B. Besides music, I'm planning my annual back to school block party. Which should be in August.

9.How important is it to you to connect with your listeners and fanbase before the release of new project?

Its very important they have some sort of insight. Promo is everything these days. Some people like the unexpected release, but for me, I like for them to know the 'who, when, what, where, why, & how's of the process. That way, they become familiar with it & it gives them some sort of anticipation. What is more important is the connecting through the project. It needs to grow legs and walk. I guess that I mean, it should be able to spread amongst people because of the quality & content. It needs to be something that not just sounds good but connects to the listeners everyday life & challenging times in life. It should represent you as a person, not a musician but a person. They need to feel like they know the real you behind the music.

10.Whom are 3 artist in Alabama you haven't worked with that you wanna work with ?

M.P. first & foremost, because so much of what I learned came from watching him & it's a mission of mine to make something that he hasn't already done & can challenge his mental ability. He was, and is still, so great that rapping seemed to come to him easy like a 6th sense or something. I'm also working on working with Gabriel Tajeu. What he's doing in my opinion, still hasn't gotten what it deserves. He a musician that has a one of kind sound which is refreshing. It's hard to find great musicians outside of Hip-Hop that can add new elements and really bring out the best in you as a person & I think Gabriel is that guy. Lastly, The Alabama Shakes. We have one of the great musical group in all of music right now from our state. I really believe they are on the verge of changing what the idea of county, soul, funk, rock, & alternative music means. When I do that, that's when I know I've made it BIG.

11.Any shout outs?

Shout outs to God off top. I've seen the work as of lately & its all a blessing. Moms & Pops because thats moms & pops. My LDLR, District 5, Nu Nation family..Whaddup! Thank you to K.Bibbs for setting up this interview & Bham Music Blog staff. Big, big, big shout outs to ANYONE that has ever listened to any song I ever wrote & supported me. That itself means more than anything I could ever ask for.

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13.Leave the world with some final words of wisdom?

Long live life, liberation, & love. L's Up


Artist:Engenius Neutron

Interview By: K.Bibbs

Posted By:J-Dash (Asst Editor)

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