Monday, July 28, 2014

Trailer: "Check Out My Watch" - Skoolie Escobar x William Cooley

Skoolie Escobar Trailer for "Check Out My Watch" Watch today here on Bham Music Blog,and be on the watch for more from Skoolie Escobar in near future.
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Young Tucker- "Interstate"(Panasonic GH4 Music Video)

Young Tucker of BCE (Birmingham,AL)drops new video "Interstate" Shot by Chris Cotton watch video today,here on Bham Msuic Blog now.
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R.O.A. LOC- "Proper Plannin'n" (Video HD) a KENXL film

Check out the new video from Mr.Loc from the legendary group R.O.A of Birmingham,AL "R.O.A. LOC "Proper Plannin'n" Watch today on Bham Music Blog.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Return Of Da King 100 Stacks Fat Shot By : XcellProductionz

Welcome home II FattHead of Montgomery,AL. Watch "Return of King Westside" here on Bham Music Blog today. R.I.P Doe B.


MISS B: LIFE OF A BOSS - Mini Documentary

Huntsville,Alabama's own Miss B drops new Mini Documentary bringing fans and viewers more in depth into what she has going & more. Check out today here on #BhamMusicBlog today,And be looking out for more from Miss B here on Bham Music BLog.

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Eskiimo Joe X No Play Play [A Ken XL Film]

Eskiimo Joe drops off new video "No Play Play" Filmed By Ken XL,Watch video now and be on the look out for his new mixtape dropping soon. Watch video below here on Bham Music Blog.


Bambino Gold Trapping Made It Happen

Montgomery,AL/Atl rapper Bambino Gold drops new video "Trapping Made It Happen" off new mixtape "Trapping Made It Happen" Check out new video today by Bambino Gold here on Bham Music Blog.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Murc Heist - Blessed (Video)

Murc Heist of Bessemer,AL drops new video Directed by Lord Nelson, Titled Blessed check out Murc Heist here on Bham Music Blog today & Post Comments & Spread news today about new video.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kastro-Drops Names of His Top 5 Industry Chics

Bham Music Blog sits with #FWR own @BigKastro watch as he drops names of his top (5) industry chics,Check out video today,Post your comments & opinion's today. Follow @BigKastro today #InstaGram & #Twitter #NFL The mixtape Coming Soon.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

D.J Profile-D.J YellaBoy

Bham Music Blog brings you the talented North Alabama D.J Yellaboy,Read today as the rising D.J gives you run-down on his background and his D.J roots & also what's coming up in near future for him, Read more about D.J Yellow Boy here on #BhamMusicBlog.

1.Whats going on?

Chillin ...taking everything a day at a time trying to find the next local artist to break.

2.How long have you been DJ ing?

I have been doing this like 8 or 9 years.

3.Where are you from exactly?

I'm from Scottsboro, Alabama moved to Huntsville when I was like 16.

4.How did you end up in Birmingham, Al.?

This has always been a goal of mine,I met the right people and doors opened up for me.

5.We see you at Volcano how did that come about?

Started making trips down here like 3 or 4 trips a week talking to club staff and a opening was available and it worked out in my favor.

6.Are you working on any mixtapes?

Yes...I'm working on tax season the DVD volume 2 its a series that comes with the DVD and the mixtape volume 1 is also online

7.Whats best thing about being a DJ to you?

I'm able to show my skills and do sum I love and the respect u gain for doing what real DJ's do.

8.Whats worst thing to you? The worst thing would be young dj's coming up in the game under cutting and don't even have real equipment.

9.How do you prefer artist to submit music to you?

Submit music to me by email or in person at Club Volcano email is Lets Work!

10.What can artist and DJ's do in Alabama to push the culture to masses more you feel?

Work together if we all come together on DJ tip in Alabama we could probably break 3 or 4 artist a month and to the artist just be creative ...

11.Who are your top 5 DJ's of all time?

D.J Jelly D.J Infamous D.J Drama DJ CZA D.J Escoe in my opinion being from the south.

12.Give readers your social media links?

I.G. djyellaboy256 Twitter @urwifeyfavj Facebook Dee Jay Yellaboy

13.Any shout outs?


14.Leave readers with some final words of wisdom?

DJ Yellaboy- "Alabama We All We Got"

Interview:DJ YellaBoy
Interviewed:J.Dash & K.Bibbs

Friday, June 13, 2014

Lil Keke feat. Killa Kyleon - Freestyle

H-Town's own Lil Keke is prepping new project but in mean time he dropped new "Freestyle" featuring Killa Kyleon, Peep it here today on Bham Music Blog. Salute Lil Keke #BMB

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ju-Ju The Promoter-Interview [Bham Music Blog]

Bham Music Blog proudly presents Ju-Ju The Promoter of Huntsville,AL. Read today as the up-coming promoter/mgr. sits down with Bham Music Blog & tells reader whats coming up for her plus much more, Read now here on Bham Music Blog.


1.How is business?

Business is going great!

2.How was Ju-Ju promotions formed?

Ju-Ju's Promotions was formed when I began managing The Arsynal Entertainment in 2009. Being Ju Ju The Promoter, I enjoy helping independent artists so I started doing showcases, flyers, hosting, event planning and album covers. As this progressed I made it official, "Ju Ju's Promotions".

3.What made you wanna get into the promotions and marketing side of things.

I enjoy listening to independent music, and I have noticed how he/she don't get the support and love that is needed in this industry. That is why I started doing promotions and marketing so I could help these artist rise to the top. I do these showcases to help these artists get a lot of exposure and any things they need to get their music out there. I believe talent should not be wasted.

4.Tell readers exactly where your from?

I was born in Huntsville, AL but was raised in Deming, New Mexico. I have been back here in Bama for about 5 years now.

5.What artist are you currently working with?

I am working with Sun Fa Sho, he is also C.E.O of The Arsynal Ent. and then I got T-Money.

6.How are the open mic and showcases been going?

The showcases have been doing really well! I have noticed what hard work does. I believe in putting on a great show and people have shown a lot of love from Huntsville and
surrounding areas. I plan on continuing to do these and I am working on doing some shows in Birmingham, by mid to late summer of this year.

7.What's the hardest thing about booking hardest for you when doing showcases?

Hardest thing about booking is when an artist confirms to do a show and then doesn't show, is very frustrating. Artists need to understand that when you get into the actual "industry" and you do this with other promoters they will not give you another chance. We have to be professional.

8.How is the Sun Fa Sho project been doing?

Sun Fa Sho project has been doing good. He just recently releases his mixtape "Legal Dope" in May 2014. Our current project is continuing these shows and TAE Productions, another branch from The Arsynal Ent.

9.Whats coming up in future for Ju-Ju Promotions?

I have a lot of things coming up. Currently working on clothing line. Hope to see this done by Spring 2015.

10.Whom are some of the artist people need to be looking out for who have strong followings from your events?

We have a lot of talent here in Huntsville and I can name so many it would be a long list, but to name a few: Sun Fa Sho, T-Money, Young Chemist,Zilla, Miss B, Nferno, Mz Fury, Jai Love, Hendog No Chaser, & Dukk. There is a lot more to name but not enough time,Its talent all thru the city new talent & vets in the game,but just know that Huntsville has TALENT!

11.What's the best and worst thing about being a promoter?

Being a promoter has it's up's and down's but there is never a dull moment. Best thing is seeing these artists do their best and appreciate what I do. Worst thing is not being able to help everybody.

12.How can you be contacted on social media?

You can find me on facebook/JuJu Sepulveda, facebook/Ju Ju The Promoter and on twitter @JuJuHSV.

13.Any shoutouts?

Yes, shoutout to my city everyone supporting our showcases and any artist who has hit the stage at our events, also salute II Bham Music Blog, Freewill Records Inc,fans & supporters and of course to my team The Arsynal Ent!

14.Leave readers with some final words of wisdom?

If we all do our job, music is not black or white, it's Green.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hot 97 Summer Jam 2014 Recap (New York)

Hot 97 N.Y.C Summer Jam went on this past weekend, Here is a recap below check it out today here on #BhamMusicBlog.

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Damon Dash-Talks Black Business Dysfunction

Damon Dash speaks...Is their really a Dysfunction within Black Business. Post your comment here on Bham Music Blog.


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mata - Sound Of That Ft. Los & Scoota Boy (Video)

Mata of Selma/Huntsville drops new video "Sound of That" featuring Los & Scoota Boy of CSM watch video today here on #BhamMusicBlog.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Northside Weezy ( Door Swang) ft. Jr. Boss

Northside Weezy of the Magic City brings you a new video featuring B.G.M's own Jr.Boss check out new video today "Door Swang" today here on Alabama's own #BhamMusicBlog.

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Artillery South/BWA Presents KANE "I'm a Gangsta"

Artillery South's own Kane drops off new video "Ima Gangsta" Check out the Alabama talent today here on Bham Music Blog. #BMB

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BROD B "COME UP" (Official Video)

Brod-B drops new video "Come Up" Directed By FFF Watch today here on Bham Music Blog.
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Doughboyz Cashout: Kiddo - Jewelry & Just Dons (ft. Payroll Giovanni) | ...

Kiddo of #DBC drops new video "Jewelry & Just Dons ft. Payroll Giovanni be sure to check out their mew video here on #BhamMusicBlog. #BMB


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jai Love Interview #BhamMusicBlog

Meet Huntsville,Alabama talent Jai Love, read below as she speaks on her up coming album & new music videos plus more. Read today to find out more about the great talent (Jai Love) here on Bham Music Blog. Want to be featured contact #BhamMusicBlog today at #SupportAlabama

1.How is it going?
- Good. I'm blessed!

2.What are you currently working on?

- Currently I'm working on visuals. I just finished shooting my first video with Louis Kole of Altanta, GA, to my new single Love. Then shortly after shooting this video I will be preparing to shoot another video with Jurian Isabelle of Huntsville, Al, to my first single I'm Crazy. Make sure you all check out their work on YouTube and network with them.

3.When can fans expect your new project?

- Right now I haven't set a release date for my mixtape . I want everything to be perfect so I'm taking my time on this project. I am dropping my new single, #Love, very soon. We're waiting on the artwork to be completed for the cover before we drop it. Once we get closer to completing the project, I will start promoting. Building everyone's anticipation lol.

4.What single are you currently pushing?

- The single I been pushing is my song #ImCrazy. But my team and myself are about to drop a new single along with a visual called #Love. I'm excited about this song because it shows my real R & B side.

5.How have your fans been responding to it?

- My fans been responding very well to my song #ImCrazy, which everyone can download for free on . Now when I drop my new single #Love. I know my fans will fall in love with it. As of matter of fact, Im actually already getting great feedback on it from just the snippets i uploaded on instagram. So I can't wait for their feedback once they hear the whole song.

6.With you being from Huntsville Alabama what's the biggest challenge you face from artist stand point being from the Rocket City?

- The biggest challenge i face being from hsv is receiving respect as an artist from mainstream labels and artists. They look at us as just a bunch of country people but what they look pass is our talent. We have so much talent it's ridiculous. We don't only have talented artist but we have models, fashion designers, dancers, etc. It's sad when we have to leave our city just to receive recognition for our work.

7.What you feel Alabama is lacking other main stream music states aren't ?

- Team work and support. We don't support each other and instead of coming together to make it, we be in competition with each other.

8.If someone came to Huntsville Alabama what club and what restaurant would you take them to?

- If someone came to Huntsville I would take them for breakfast at Another Broken Egg and probably to Thrill or Club Forty 7 to turn up.

9.What's your best assets as a woman God blessed you with?

- My heart. No matter how many times it's been broken, hurt, tormented, etc. I'm still able to forgive and love again. He blessed me with a pure and solid heart.

10.Tell the public something they wouldn't know about Jai Love?

- I love soft chocolate chip cookies and McDonald's hazelnut ice coffee lol. I love thunderstorms, the ones without the tornados. I find it very therapeutic to lay on the couch or bed with the windows up and listen to the rain fall and thunder roars. It's relaxing if your not afraid of storms lol.

12.How can promoters and media and public reach you on social media?

- Promoters can reach me through email by contacting my manager Michelle Parker at On twitter by following me or my manager, @Love_always_jai/ @mimi_themgmt . Instagram is the same as Twitter and on

13.Any shout outs?
- Shout out to everyone out there grinding doing their thing. My city, Huntsville, Alabama, for supporting me. My manager Michelle. Shout out to all the djs who spin my singles rather it be in the club or the radio. Lol ...I can go on for days.

14.Leave readers with some final words of wisdom to live by?

- No matter how hard it get, do NOT give up. Keep God first at all times. Trust that whatever happens in your life, it was already planned. Rather it's for the good or bad, it's all in God's plan. Remember prayers change things. #BeBless

Interview by K.Bibbs
Posted By J.Dash
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