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Erica Henderson-(Exclusive Interview) #BhamMusicBlog

Meet rising R & B singer Erica Henderson of Oxford,NC she just dropped new video "On The Low, (Watch Below) & her new EP just was released as well, Read her interview today as she lets the world in on her influences and what more she has coming up in 2016. Check her out today here on Bham Music Blog.

1.How is it going?

*Things are going great, just dropped my single “Freak you on the low” April, 15,2016 now available online on Itunes,Amazon,Google play and etc just to name a few. The official music video “freak you on the low” was released May, 2, 2016, I'm getting a great response VIA social media sites and my fans are LOVING the video, my fan base as well has been expanding tremendously s/o to my new followers, I was recently nominated for the Bull City Music Awards R&B Female so I'm pushing to take that award home another year. and I'm just out here getting connected and grinding nonstop pushing to get my music heard all over the world.

2.Tell readers where you from exactly ?

*I am from Oxford NC

3.How long have you been singing ?

* I have been writing music since I was a young around the age of ten, Through out High school I took music courses such as Ensemble and Chorus, and I actually started recording in a studio when I turned 16 years old.

4.How was it shooting your latest video?

* It was a GREAT experience, shout out to Marlin Goodwin of Krucifix Productions who was behind the filming and production of the video, I decided to shoot the video in Charlotte NC at the WestIn Hotel which is very beautiful in downtown Charlotte, this was my first video I had done, and it seem like once we started shooting everything just came naturally, it took around 10 to 11 hours straight for us to complete the video and we had a good time while putting in work at the same time.

5.Whats the response been in he streets?

*The streets are loving " Freak You On The Low" all the way around. I'm pushing hard copies of my EP in the streets, which is very important to me because it gives me a chance to connect with my fans on a personal level.

6.Are you gonna release and mixtape or EP?

* Yes I actually released my EP on April 25, 2016, I have been inspired by 80s 90s R&B soul music, so with my self titled EP I'm bringing back sexy, mature, soulful music. I have three songs on my EP which are " Freak You On The Low, Make It Last, and Available. As I mention before I'm pushing hard copies of my EP on the streets.

7.Whats coming up for the summer for you .... ?

* This summer I will be performing doing shows locally and branching out to different states, I will be getting back into the studio working on my next single/album, I'm also running a campaign through out the summer where all my fans and supporters can hash tag #FreakYouOnTheLow #SUMMERANTHEM to support the movement and promote the grind. We just getting started.

8.Whom are some artist who inspired you as a child?

* As a child I was inspired by artist like Kelly price, Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige, Christina Aguilera, R Kelly, Avant, Keke Wyatt , Usher, Destiny child, SWV, Xscape, Total, Missy Elliot, just to name a few.

9.How would you describe your sound and musical sound?

*I would definitely say I have my own unique sound, I do not like to compare myself to no artist, cause if you ask me I do not sound like no one but Erica Henderson "One of a kind"

10.How can someone find you on social media or IV bookings?

* I can be found on all social media sites @Elegance_Eluv and can be contacted for booking, features, and ETC at

11.Any shoutouts?

* I would like to give a shout out to all of my Fans and Supporters out there all over the world, its so many of them I don't even want to start name dropping because I would hate to forget anyone I love you all , Big shout out to my Daughter Ja'laun Anasa Burwell she is my biggest fan, and to my Mother and Father Robin Wortham / Robert Henderson

12.Leave readers with some final words of wisdom?

* Always remember anything that you want out of life you have the power to make it happen, nobody is going to believe in you the way you believe in yourself, nobody is going to push you the way you can push yourself, no one is going to invest in you if your not investing in yourself, everything starts and ends with you. "Make it happen"


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