Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tre Neal Interview-Bham Music Blog (Exclusive)

1.Whats good... how you living?
>I'm good I'm good .

2.Tell readers what part of the Magic City Tre Neal reside from?
>I'm from the Dirty north, Collegeville to be

3.We saw the Trap House video how was it filming video and how is the streets responding to the record?

>Well I can say we all had fun filming the video because it was more of a party then anything so shout out to my GLOBALGANG ENT people and them sexy kurvygirls.but the streets..... I mean they love it ,they took it in and ran wit it, they let me know I got one wit this single.

4.When can fans expect a new project and do you have a title?

>Well I'm working as we speak I have (THE GIFT 2) mixtape I'm working on that I plan on dropping the beginning of may then Ima put out this highly recommend been overdue Album in titled (IM GONE) in July sometime.... So yea they can expect to see more of me this year and video coming soon for the DRIPPING SAUCE!! SINGLE ..

5.How long have you been doing music what will listeners take away from a Tre Neal project?

>I been doing this scene I was 7 or 8 I promise I have. I remember running around the house just rapping ,rapping, rapping and my Moma telling me to shut up and sit down wit that damn noise lol but when u here TRE NEAL you hear real life, I mean I'm more of a story teller then anything. I talk about what people going threw and what I have went threw its more to me then to talk about (Dope) in every song but I make music for the everyday people.

6.Name 3 artist in state you wouldn't mind working with ?

>You know I got to say my big Homie Kastro I been rocking wit him along time now. But I like the Lil Homie Lil Mail I fuck wit him because he seem to talk about the real world as I do. And last but not least I'll say 2 Gunz Vito he seem to be a hood dude, video wise but I like his flow and you said 3 but I gotta put something down wit Ashley J. she go in but I'm open to work shiddd let make history.....

Tre Neal-"Welcome II My Trap House"

7.What producers working with you on new project?

>Well I have my own under the label,, I have my favorite producer he also my blood brother he go by the name (RED BOI) FREE MY BROTHER MAN!!!! Then I have my Lil Homie (LIVING BEATS) he go hard as well he make beats u can feel. That's all I need for this mixtape.

8.Whats coming up for Tre Neal going into summer?
>Putting more paid shows together and pushing this smash single (WELCOME TO MY TRAP HOUSE) and dropping more videos Lil Boosie said show the world so that's what I'm on ...

9.How do you feel the music scene currently right now in the city?

>I like it to be honest because I'm seeing more new faces now and everybody trying to get in the door so keep going hard and stay down to come up.

10.Let readers know your social medias and how to contact or book you ?

>Facebook @ Tre Neal / Instagram @ Tre Neal 85 / SoundCloud @Tre Neal 1 /Audiomack @Tre Neal and more but you can contact me from email at Globalgang85. Com.

11.Any Plugs?

>I'm the plug... lol but I know people that know people shiddd tell em to holla at me I'm down to set up meeting ... But everyone who fuck with me lets work,Be on the lookout for Tre Neal & Global Gang.

12.Leave readers with some final words of wisdom ?

>Get what u can while in this game because the FAME don't last forever. And save much as you can..... Because its always rainy days.

Interview:Tre Neal

Interview By:K.Bibbs
Posted By:J-Dash (Asst Editor)

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