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Miss Mahogany-(Exclusive Interview) #BhamMusicBlog

Bham Music Blog brings you "Miss Mahogany " of Birmingham,AL. The female M.C just dropped a new project on all the mixtape sites & is gearing up for more work in 2016, Check out her exclusive interview today, as Mahogany speaks on her new release and more,Read now below here on Bham Music Blog. Need interview contact us today link in bio. #MissMahogany

1.How is everything going.

Everything is great. I have no complaints.

2.We see the new mixtape you just dropped how is the response been ?

I have been receiving some great feedback. I’ve been told it’s my best work, so I guess the response has been

cool, but of course it could be better as far as downloads.

3.How was the process recording it?

I took my time to find beats that were popular mainstream songs and original beats that suited me. The

recording process was easy after I found the beats. I did a lot of my own recording, but I also sent some files

for my engineer Quake the Mastermind to mix. It didn’t take long to get the project done.

4.Tell readers whom are some of the producers and artist on project?

I worked with some really great artists. Rodney Small from Birmingham. Smoke Stacks from Detroit, Namalik

Da Don from Birmingham, Mickie from New Orleans, Infamus Black from Birmingham, and Ben Frank from

Birmingham. I have production by Swish Beats, J Cash, Khalil, J Static, Boogey, The Untouchables, of course

Bham’s own TC Da Don, Mr. Fresh, and China Boy.

5.What current single are you working?

I am working on an awesome new single titled Taking Off. It’s a new sound, I’m sure people will enjoy.

6.Where can people get the project from ?

SexyThuggin #Beatjacker is on Spinrilla, Datpiff, and audiomack, but you can also go to my website to listen

and order a copy of the mixtape at www.mahoganyofficial.com & of course DM or contact directly I can mail II you as well.

7.Whats next up for you?

More shows, more videos. I will be releasing my third single off my album in June. We are still deciding on the

title for the album, wihich will be released late 2016.

8.Name 3 artist in Alabama, you wanna work with?

I would love to work with King David, Dirty Boyz, and Birmingham J. That’s not everyone, but you only gave me

three picks. Anyone willing II work contact me by email or social media.

9.Whats your opinion on the music game right now In the city & state?

I see the game getting better in Birmingham, and Alabama as a state. I’ve noticed a lot of great artists coming

together and supporting each other. There still a ways to go because everyone wants to be the hottest artist or

the first to blow, so there will always be a competition amongst artists, but for the most part, I’m impressed with

the amount of Talent in the State of Alabama. I’m no longer in the state, but I observe, and I see Birmingham

coming up.

10.Why should someone go download your new project?

It’s awesome, and women ain’t spitting heat like this

no more.

11.Any shout outs or plugs?

S/O to Bham Music Blog for the interview, and everybody who support me... All the blogs in the state, S/O to every underground artist in

the state,especially the females who focused & working around the state. All the djs rocking and working hard,promoters etc . We appreciate you! Lets continue to build.

12.Leave readers with some final words of wisdom to live on?

God controls your destiny, but you control your legacy. So make every day count.

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