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Bham Music Blog-Jeanetta Brooks Graham (Exclusive Interview)

Meet Gadsden,Alabama's own Jeanetta Graham, who manages and promotes artist for Gadsden based label Tyme 2 Eat Records, with numerous artist she works with tune in today here on Bham Music Blog and see what she has coming up & read more on where she started from,Read interview below. Want II be interviewed contact

1. How is it going?

As from a personal stand point, I am truly a very blessed person. I have recently been blessed with 2 beautiful grand kids & my last sibling is graduating from High School. But from a business perspective in working with Independent Artists, everyone is consistently working & making hits daily, just missing the support system. But with Faith in your work, worrying is not an issue. God blesses us all on a daily basis.

2.Tell readers where exactly you from?

I am from Gadsden, Alabama where some professional NFL players like Carnell Williams, Dre Kirkpatrick and Jerrell Harris has recently been in the marketing for their professionalism with several more in the previous years. Also, this is the hometown of popular recording Artist, Beyoncรฉ Knowles father and many other relatives of her family still. And the hometown & starting point of a childhood friend of my brothers & sister, hip/hop Artist YelaWolf/Slumerican. Gadsden is like any other city with a developing population of growth & prosperity in many ways. We are just a small & country city and overlooked in some areas that could really be more developed with just some investments. For my outlook with in my city is seeing the kids have more things that interest them in doing & becoming leaders of great substance. And right now, there is not much involvement in seeing that this is the topic of discussion and opening up of more recreational activity to keep them involved, there is a lacking. But as an overall, I would say that Gadsden is a very nice place to stay, you just have to keep motivation on your mind & stay working hard because mostly it is the same everywhere you go. It all depends on you!

3.Whom are are some of the artist you work with and help promote?

I am the Manager & Promoter for TymeTaEat Records which has a total of 10 Independent Artist, in which I am the personal Manager of Blu Hellion, Gcode, Aye Chambers & TheRealPit. But I promote them ALL on a daily basis & share most music of other working Artists from my City & any talent within Alabama that interests myself. There is much talent within Alabama & most definitely in Gadsden, Birmingham, Anniston, Huntsville, Talladega & Montgomery. I have respect for them all but my main focus is my TymeTaEat family daily. For in networking & marketing, you have to become involved in being a listening ear to others and seeing that the approach to greatness in being sucessful is spreading love to everyone as much as you can & really mean it from the heart. Just because I may not have no personal involvement with other people music or what they have going on, if I see potential it needs to be shared. I was taught that you have to give in order to receive.

4.What project are you currently pushing now?

Right now, I really do not have a project that I can really just say that I am working on besides helping to push the music & videos of what the Independent Artists of TymeTaEat Records is releasing. For I have Blu Hellion, Gcode, Aye Chambers, TheRealPit & Tee James currently to be releasing New Mixtapes in the next couple of weeks or month & getting our own personal studio. For I am wanting to put together a tour & start some kind of in town show activity that will include any Independent Artists an opportunity to network and get to know each other, with the hopes of making the State being well known to other well known Artists & DJ's already in the Music Industry & beefing up the night life in the Clubs and other places of activity with performances.

5.How has the streets taken to the project in your honest opinion?

In my honest opinion, I think the streets has taken a liking to much of what #TTE has been putting out. As this is a small city and many are working with music but from the social side of it, there are many supporters but I just think that some are just not totally involved because there are many that just do not like rap music & seems to think that rap music is a downfall to the society. But to me, it is a talent and there have been many Artists to succeed. You just have to have money to invest in yourself & place your music in other places to get heard, such as acquiring a distribution deal with AR's that will work in putting your music with radio stations, DJ's and helping to promote you on a daily basis without having to worry about what people within your city is doing because at the end of the day, everybody has their own life to live & everybody do not want to see you succeed. You just have to spend money to make money.

6.Where can online fans and fans get the project at?

You can always see what is going on with TymeTaEat Records on my timeline on Facebook under the name, Jeanetta Brooks Graham (Tte). There is also a Facebook, Reverbnation and Twitter page for TymeTaEat Records that is updated daily with info & any upcoming projects.

7.Whats next up for TTE... (Tyme 2 Eat)?

For the next up for #TTE is keeping the Artists already involved & motivated in consistent work to keep pushing their music, staying humble & patient, and keeping God first because actually I feel as if they are a very powerful movement that can be similar to Run DMC, NWA, WETHEBEST with DJ Khaled, or No Limit Soldiers with Master "P" movement to bring in more Independent Artists of all genre of music to the movement, especially from Alabama to then spread Worldwide in helping others obtain a career through the movement we are trying to build.

8.What other business endeavors do you have going on outside of music ?

Other business endeavors I have currently working outside of music is trying to open up a "Soup Kitchen" which has really been a big dream for myself because I have so many compliments on my cooking of food and want to give back to the community in allowing the needy & less fortunate a place to come & receive a good home cook meal at least twice a day. Because there was a point in my childhood growing up that such a resource could have been very useful. Yea, I know about the struggle. I also have thought about having a huge recreation center that baby sits 24 hours a day with all age limits included that would offer much fun to the kids & at the same time teach them things that will be helpful in their life to be better at home & keep them focused on their education or whatever dreams they have in mind. But in all aspects, my mind is set on so much that I just want to place all my focus in the music because this is something that has already been started & it deserves all the attention. One step at a time.

9.Name some hot artist in your city and in that part of the Alabama region?

Actually I cannot throw anything that could possibly seem like hate by stating who is the hottest because there are a lot of people from Gadsden & around Alabama that are making major moves but to let you know that the State is HOT!!!! And TymeTaEat is coming for the Industry full throttle....all gas & no brakes.

10.Any Shout outs?

Most definitely a shout out to God cause he makes it all possible. But on recognition, I want to shout out to anyone that has had anything to do with my raising & my life personally like my family, especially my Parents, Spouse, Inlaws, Kids and Pastor cause they are my helping hand when needed. But from a music side, & Bham Music Blog, I would like to give a shout out to the entire #TTE family that includes Blu Hellion, Gcode, Aye Chambers, TheRealPit, Tee James (RealRap), Splurge, Rick Louie, Westside Purp (SMB), Y.B. Lin Ruffin and Tajh; also DJ Big Cam, 1K Empire, Johnny Ortiz, OG Toot, Bossaleana & Fam, Big Henry, RSL Bray, DJ Gorgeous, Cookie Jar, SMLF Alpachino, Beat Monkey Productions, Mike Parker, Larry Mudd Adair (Mister), Mike Bowman, Jameia Patterson, Jr. Boss, Super Nard, HitsOnly Lildez, Lance Freeman,Nino Flamez Q Dot Davis, Play Pendergrass, Chan Pearson, Dale Trimble, Alabama Yungin, Tha OG, B Money, VI Da Boss, Fitz Da Poet, Chief King Ceda, Freewill Records Inc. ....just put it this way....I am a people person & feel like with social media especially that we are all family, regardless and just want to really shout out to the World! I love ya'll. Be all that you can be!!!! Never give up on nothing you are trying to be successful in. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜ And Salute to everyone making major moves!!!! Oh, and shout out to K.Bibbs of Bham Music Blog @FreewillRecordsCEO , for giving me this opportunity of being interviewed, I didn't forget you, saved the best for last...
& #RollTide Salute to everyone across state doing anything II uplift and bring light to state.

I'm following you DJ have been keeping me motivated !!!! Salute! S/O to YoGotti, Future, Zaytoven...#FREEGUCCIMANE


11.How can readers find you on social media?

Readers can find me on Social Media by the following: Facebook> Jeanetta Graham, Twitter> OG SHUG NYTE, Instagram>JEANETTAGRAHAM, SnapChat>Mo'sweet24 & LinkedIn>Jeanetta Graham

12.Finally leave readers with some wisdom to live by?

As some wisdom for others, I just advise everyone right now to start the path you are on with an attitude of treating others as you want to be treated and always keep God in everything that you do. I know that many of us have a grind that is different but a path was made by many civil leaders that gave us different rights than our ancestors & we need to be more appreciative and work hard to be something instead of filling up the prison system for committing some type of crime. Stay positive & always be willing to listen. Fall down & get back up. Love thy brother....And much love to the reader & may you have a very blessed day.

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