Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Ms.Carie-Bham Music Blog (Interview)

Bham Music Blog Presents the talented Ms.Carie. She sits down with site and speaks on her new project #TheCookieJar, her upcoming project and more plus gives us her personal views ...Check out interview below here on #BhamMusicBlog.


1.How is everything going?

*Working hard staying in the studio and traveling to promote the music. Staying prayed up.

2.Tell readers what's coming up from Ms.Carie?

*Cookie Jar the Sampler tape. It's basically the mixtape before the mixtape Album DMD. Also working on a project in dedication and homage to the females before me that made classic music and helped paves the way for my city & more.

3.How did the idea for Cookie Jar come about?

*Well we just wanted to give them something to hold them until DMD and Mixtape Killa is released. So I said lets do a beat jackin mixtape and take summa the hottest songs popping right now and just put that Ms.Carie flow on there. Something to let em know this girl really got bars and plenty flavor.

4.Any features on the project?

Not really I may have an appearance or two from some of the Home Team at FreeWill Records but for the most part it's Ms. Carie, hard bars, and melody... Go check out tape now on #SpinRilla #DatPiff #LiveMixtapes #TopMixtapes & More.

5.Speak on the song you leaked "Let them Know" what was your mind state as you put that records together?

*People have the tendency to under rate females and think we are one trick ponies or that we can't spit with the "big dogs". Also when faced with adversity people expect u to fold and that is something I will never do, I have a team that won't quit and a talent that is incomparable, so with
that said.... Go let them Know lol...

Check out #TheCookieJar

6.What can fans expect from Cookie Jar project?

*Hustler music and versatility. Hard beats and instrumentals from some of their favorite songs of right now with Ms. Carie telling stories, singing melody, and and just straight ripping on em. Representing for the South especially Birmingham, Al, all the go getters, and my label. Letting the world know it's Alabama time now. No beat is safe,& just know Cookie Jar 2.0 is in the works.

7.Whats next after Cookie Jar?

*Well as u know DMD. Also The Goddess where I'm displaying more of my RnB Gangsta Rock Country Rap style lol it's what we call Non-Genre music and Mixtape Killa on way. Stay Tuned on all I have coming up @MsCarieFWR .

8.Tell readers what part of Birmingham you grew up in?

*Well I was born over on the northside at Carraway Hospital living in Collegville and Byers Hill but moved to The west side by Kindergarten. Lived all over Ensley then back to the north Birmingham and spent my high school years in Adamsville. Lmao to sum it up West and North Birmingham. The Hood! And the out skirts! Shoutout II my entire city & everyone working to put it on map.

9.Name 3 artist in state of Alabama male or female you wanna work with?

*Got to work with my boy Black Montana we long over due. Got to do something with RareBreed and my girl J.P. Rappit, plus more but I have numerous features in the works & some that are currently done that are unreleased.

10.How can someone contact or book Ms.Carie for show or collabs?

*On email macariebookings@gmail or or on all social media @MsCarieFWR #Network

11.Any Shout outs?

*Shout to the whole Alabama and everyone playing a part in this music movement. Big Shout Out to my CEO K.Bibbs and all the artists on FreeWill Records. Shout Out to my mom and sister for being there every step of the way on this music hustle.My father, & entire family...DJ Gorgeous for hosting & her support,as well as Mz.Katt & more.Shout out to God for showing Favor for sure... Anyone I left out read back of The Cookie Jar mixtape. Salute all who support my music.

12.Leave readers with some wisdom to live by?

*God pre-determined King David to be a King even when he was a sheep herder. Never doubt was God has for u and be willing to put it all on the line for what only he can provide.

J-Dash (Asst)

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