Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bham Music Blog:Laww23 (Interview)

Bham Music Blog brings you Huntsville,AL native Laww23 of Fast Cash Inc, Read today as he speaks on his upbringing,new music & how he got his name & much more.Check out FCI's own Laww23 today read about him and network everyone Alabama & worldwide...Read Today.

1.Whats good?

On a road to success I am Laww23 one hard workin artist.

2.Give readers some insight on where you from and what you do?

I am from Detroit Michigan born and raised I am a song writer producer protools certified engineer have my on own label Fastcashinc

3.How did you come up with your rap name?

Laww23 came from just a street code for the streets L live A always
W with W world just bein me no two side's just one

4.When can listeners and fans be looking a new project from you?

Late 2015 my new project D.L.O.A. coming soon it's will host one of the latest djs that hot.........

5.What single are you currently pushing?

"From Tha Start"

6.Where can fans get that from to download or purchase?

7.Is music your passion ?

Yes I love doin music its helps u when u stressed down or just when u happy.

8.What do you want people to remember about you with the grind you been putting into music?

I just want to recognized as my own orginal sound I sound like me no one else ya feel me.

9.Who are some artist should we be looking out for in your city ? Be honest...

Count Up, Miss B, Big Pope
Mook, myself & Gwap Boyz... shout out to entire city of Huntsville.

10.What more, other than you should we be looking for from FCI?

We gonna keep pushing letting the fans know the brand and keep are foot on they neck period.

11.Any Shoutouts?

The whole Huntsville & North Alabama region. my camp Fast CASH INC. Miss B Mac Maine Count UP Sean B Young Knock Yo Tha Don Dj Fresh Dj Frank White (RIP Doe B) Jr Boss & Bham Music Blog.

12.Leave some final words of wisdom to readers & viewers?

Always put God first at anything u do period point blank....... Don't just b a rapper be a business person as well....

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