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Bham Music Blog-Chenequa Farrar (Interview)

Bham Music Blog sit down with with Chenequa Farrar of Athens, AL & speaks on a variety of subjects,take time & read on what she has coming up. Check out her interview today as she speaks on what business ventures she has going and what she has in store for the rest of 2015.As well as the talented roster of artist she manages,Read today & leave comments below.


1.How is it going?

**I'm truly blessed

2.Give readers some insight about who you are and how you started in entertainment industry in Huntsville area & throughout state?

**Well I'm just a woman from Athens, AL. with a dream and passion...I actually got started in the entertainment industry working with my best friend Ashley Gilbert she started her own modeling company "I'm bossy" about 5 years so I was managing models...then she decided to focus more on her family life and so my cousin Yung Clova from G-Side started his own label Lambo Music Group and seen something in me I guess lol and asked me to manage it. I didn't know that much about the music side of the entertainment he told.. " you will learn " so he taught me the
we wanted to expand it and have a face so we had a model Terry Woods and Jordan when the music side of Lambo Music Group the models was still going and my dj (DJ Rozaa) we was on the move so we added females and Lambo Model Group was taking it slowed down...I took on Huntsville own Bama Starz another music group and we started to take off and within that I got a female R&B artist named Jai Love...I wanted to be able to network more so I would go to different events so Jai Love introduced me to Jurian Isabelle he was making a lot of noise in Huntsville with Grind Nation and the top Videographer around... I wanted to get myself out and know who's who in the city so I started working closely with him and he put me on with the community and I seen the passion he had for his own city. He came up with wanting to give back to the city and came up with Huntsville Revolution (a nonprofit organization) and to see the amazing effect we put on from back to school events to the Christmas toy drive and helping people I knew I was in the circle of the right people that had the same passion as me ..I knew then I couldn't do what I needed to do being in Athens... so I packed up and moved to Huntsville to be closer to what I love to do ...I wanted to do so much.... so any event that I came across I went to network and I was ready to work so I helped with any events or just support how I could and so moving to Huntsville ...With me managing so many things and people I wanted to come up with something that would have a broad range but not be limited to just music so we came up with Mixed Chemistry to put it all in 1 entity. I knew I had to start from the bottom so I put my hard hat on and went to work for my artists and my campaign...I got in these streets started talking to promoters and I knew I had the best artists but I had to let the people really know how good they were with the help of social media and the connects I had my artists started opening up for mainstream artists like Yo Gotti, Young Dolph, K Camp and Urban Mystic just to name a few ....I wanted to do something for the aspiring artists that wanted to be heard that didn't have opportunities or a platform so I got with club 47 and brought the open-mic back in January 2015 the rest is history!!

3.What do you love the most about what you do?

**Hmmm what I love the most about what I do? I love meeting the people I meet and hearing their stories about life and what they love and why they love what they do...and helping them about their situations and them helping and just in general conversation ... I love the hustle and grind that I have...I love to connect with many people....

4.Tell readers some of the artist your represent?

** My artists are now Ray Rizzle Jai Love and DJ Rozaa and Jayflowsoul

5.How is your open mic at Club 47 in Huntsville going this far?

**I couldn't ask for it to be any better...

6.How can artist looking to take part participate and perform in the open mic?

** All they have to do is come to the club and register the day of and it's 1 track on a flash drive or mp3 Cd no more than 2-3 minutes this is every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at Club 47.

7.What are you most proud of as of right now?

**I'm proud of me not giving up and going as hard as I go and seeing people benefit from the opportunities that I can give and being recognized as a hard working single parent female with a vision, who would have known a loud mouth country girl would make so much noise lol..I hate to lose I hate disappointments and I hate to be a failure. I'm hard on myself a lot but it helps me to go harder

8.Name 5 artist people need to check for coming out the North Alabama region?

Jai Love
Ray Rizzle
Supaking Bigpope

9.What do you love more fashion or music ?

**I love both....because both coincide with each other...your image (fashion) sales your music lol

10.Whats coming up for you and any artist you rep?

**Well Jai Love has her birthday bash Aug 21st and Ray Rizzle opening up for Lil Boosie in Montgomery and Jayflowsoul working on his for me I'm just grinding hard to get ahead and of course my open main baby is my back to school Higher learning Fashion Show that's yearly before school starts just did the beginning of Aug (that event which by the way was a hugh success) that's what I always look forward to because it's about the youth then I have hands on with them and just mentoring them while allowing them to learn themselves...oh I forgot I've been asked to be apart of a mentor group for the youth in Athens I'm definitely looking forward to that...

11.Any shout outs ?

**First and far most GOD because without him giving me this gift I have... none of this would be possible and my 2 beautiful daughters that I do all this for Keke and Zaria, Bham Music Blog & to everybody that supports me and believes in me... & also if you need to contact me for any business or networking my info is the following,

Fb: Chenequa Farrar
Ig: msfarrar_2u
Snapchat: msfarrar_2u
Twitter: Iamtherealmsfarrar
Contact info:(256)374-2059

12.Leave readers and fans some final words of wisdom to live by?

**Always remain humble and Keep God first!! Put HIM in everything you do...Have faith as big as a mustard seed and always remember... Galatians 6:9 So let's not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up

Philliphans 4:13
Through Christ I can do All things that strengths me..

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