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Bham Music Blog-Kuntraversy (Interview) Read!

Bham Music Blog brings you in depth interview with Birmingham,AL. talent "Kuntraversy". Read today as he speaks on up-coming plans for 2015! & The release of his new project "The Leak Tape" read today and get to know more about the young emcee today here on Bham Music Blog.

Q:1.How's it going?

A:All is well fam. I couldn't be better if I knew how! Life is grand in these times. And getting promo campaign going for "The Leak Tape" Go get it now on #MyMixtapez #App & #Datpiff

Q:2.What new music or projects are you currently working on?

A:At the moment, I just finished working on "The Leak Tape" and also, I'm currently working on "World Star Versy" which is a more personal and in-depth body of work for my people to enjoy.

Q:3.How did the idea of Leak Tape come about and what exactly is it to those who may not know?

A:"The LeakTape" came about through a series of listening sessions of records and brainstorming with my team.Records that I felt should've been released, however artist tend to do a lot of work towards their projects and only choose a handful of songs. This was a handful that I felt were good enough to become a project itself! In addition, "The LeakTape" is sort of a sneak peak at "WSV".

Q:4.Tell the readers your process for picking songs for the project?

A: A gathering of people that I love and respect (and a few vices of ours) gave me their undivided attention to select through an extended list of records until we narrowed down the track list for this project. The energy at the listening sessions are crazy!

Q:5. What's your favorite song off the project?

A:My favorite song on this project is -"Been around the World"its the first track on the project, because it's a modern spin on a 90's feel record.

"The Leak Tape" Preview & Download

Q:6.Whats next after the Leak Tape for "Kuntraversy"?

A:My next move is going to be "WSV" which to me represents my welcome back project coming from 2 year hiatus. I also have a few business ventures in the works as well as good music.

Q:7.Any artist you wanna work with in state?

A:Yeah, I wanna work with everybody that's active and business oriented. I'll work with any artist with creative abilities and business savvy. But more so, I wanna work with producers from the state like M16, Ralph Andreas, Prezzley P,Block Bettaz in Huntsville,Danger On The Track, Karltin Bankz and a few more.

Q:8.What's in your cd player or MP3 right now?

A:Kuntraversy-"The LeakTape" Kevin Gates-Luca Brasi 2, Jeezy-Seen it all, and instrumentals!

Q:9.What can people expect from World Star Versy?

A:A collection of songs that you can feel inside yourself! Funny thing about truth is, it needs no explanation! I just went with the winning game plan for me. I give a variety of authentic view points to diverse & common subjects. This will definitely be a favorite of mine and fans alike.

Q:10.Any features we can expect?

A:Yeah, actually I'm working with the homie Bam Bam of View Mob, D-Boy of Weigh It Up Ent. Spit Mane of Disrespectful Rec., J.Dotta of Klub Monsta,Cory Savage, Murc Heist and Chino of SMLF any others who wanna collab lets do business I'm always working so lets work producers and artist & promoters.

Q:11.Any Shout Outs?

A:Big S/O to my Queen, My OG Brooklyn Butta, Ali, O.D., Toya, Polo, K. Bibbs & my entire Freewill Records family & my (FFF) family, Murc Heist.Just anyone who has supported thus far, DJ's & all the radio stations in the state of Alabama,friends, and fans! Again Shout-out to fans in state & around the world Follow me on #InstaGram @Kuntraversy I will be more interactive in 2015 and doing contest & giveaways this year.So stay posted!

Q:12.Leave readers with some final words of wisdom?

A:Walk by faith, and by sight,
They go hand in hand!

Interview By:
J-Dash & K.Bibbs

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