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Deirdre Gaddis-Bham Music Blog (Exclusive Interview) #BMB

R & B soul singer Deirdre Gaddis of Birmingham,AL is gearing up for new project & sits down with Bham Music Blog to let the world know what she has in the works.And what you can expect from the gifted talents new project. Read interview below here on Bham Music Blog.

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1.HOW ARE YOU? I'm great. Nearly turned 40 and I'm proud to be so!

2.WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY WORKING ON? At present, in gearing up for my next project. I'm still in the planning stages. The first project was definitely hot, but this one will be epic.

3.HOW DID YOUR LAST PROJECT DO AND HOW CAN FANS PICK IT UP? "Life In The Key Of Dei" did very well overseas and was in regular rotation. I'm hoping to reach that level here in the states as well with my next one.

4.HOW HAVE YOU GROWN MUSICALLY FROM YOUR LAST PROJECT TO THIS ONE? I think I've learned that it's okay to be outside of the box that people sometimes try and put you in... I'm not just R&B, not just Neo-Soul, not just Contemporary... I'm a blend of several...

5. WHO ARE SOME OF THE PRODUCERS YOU CHOSE TO WORK WITH THIS TIME AROUND? I'll be working with KK Knalls, Brian Hall, B Flat Traxx, and this time I'll also be doing a little self production.

6.WHAT INSPIRES YOUR MUSIC... YOU FEEL? My music is inspired by life - the good, the bad, the ugly. I feel that life gives you the best story lines. You have to give people something that they can identify with.


8.WHAT'S THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE YOU FACE BEING ONE OF THE MAJOR FACES OF R&B/Soul IN THE STATE OF ALABAMA? I think the biggest challenge is maintaining a private life separate from your public one. You have to be open, but there are times when all you want is a little space.

9.WHAT WOULD YOU PERSONALLY LIKE TO SEE MORE OF FROM THE MUSIC, COMING OUT OF THE STATE? I would like to see more of a willingness on the part of local radio stations to play more music from Birmingham's own. We should support each other from the bottom up, not just because we've had to go outside of state lines to gain a little notoriety before we can even get our music played.

10.WHATS YOUR BEST ASSET AS A WOMAN GOD BLESSED YOU WITH YOU WITH AS A WOMAN? I believe my best asset as well as my Achilles' heel is my great big heart.

11.WHO ARE SOME ARTIST YOU WOULD LIKE TO WORK WITH? Nationally - Jill Scott of course... Kem... Pharrell... Locally,
- Ashley Sankey, Latrisha "Fee Fee" Redmon, John "Yung Vokalz" Bell, Clinton Babers, Sharron Collins Adley, Joseph Dees, Gabriel Tarbeju... and these are just to name a few... Birmingham has a plethora of amazing talent!

12.WHAT ABOUT AS FAR AS PRODUCERS? KK Knalls, B Flat Traxx, Slick and DBoi of So For Real Productions, Anen True, Shurlock


I don't want to put any timeline out there but just be looking out for me! LOL!


Shout out to my boy Rick Sweat CEO, head of Makin' Movez Ent., I've got you in my heart and my prayers... shoot it to Chris Coleman, former personality at 98.7 who always looked out for local artists and played our music regularly. I miss him! Shout out to Bham Music Blog for the interview & the Miles College Golden Voices under the direction of Doctor Bernard Williams and the visionary leadership of Dr. George T. French, Jr.

15.LEAVE READERS YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS & BOOKING INFO? I'm currently in the process of rebuilding my professional social networks, but for booking information please contact Baron Harris at


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