Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nina Labelle-Interview #BhamMusicBlog

Nina Labelle of Bham Alabama sits and speaks with Bham Music Blog about her new album in the works Victoria Secret, & what viewers can expect in future from her Web based reality show Rap Wives of Bham & speaks on cast, plus much more in interview below, Read today and explore the mind of the talented Nina Labelle today on Bham Music Blog.

1.How's is everything been?

All has been well I must say, I can and won't complain.

2.What projects are you currently working on?

What projects aren't I working on would b easier 2 answer. lol...Well the Rap Wives Web Show is still progressing, I have an adolescent group I birthed called" The Barbiette's", ages 7-10 yrs. I ghostwrite, artist developed,& Exec. Produced them a self titled web show as well. I am filming season 2 of my Life's Great Cooking & Talk Show and also will b releasing a T-shirt line called" $tage Mom/ Lady Mogul" Spring 2014!

3.With your new album in the works when can fans expect that to drop?.

I am recording my 3rd album. It will also hit streets spring 2014.

4.Whats the tile of the album?. "Victoria Secret"

5.How did The Rap Wives of Bham come about?

Reality T.V is my guilty pleasure. The project started out as a joke I cracked to Mercy wondering how it would look if I were to attempt a reality web show, being that I love to mimic what sells...It was filmed for self entertainment for the wives and I, and literally went viral on accident.

6.Tell readers more about the cast?

Cast members are same besides less characters..Mercy is the Baby Blue to my Beyonce. She was first to join my team well b4 rap wives was birthed,& has been with me every since..other cast include April The Thick Chicc, Mz Sha,Sasha Fierce, Luh' D Lite,& Mz.Sha who's show appearances are limited due to her mothers loss to her longtime battle of cancer.(RIP Ida Lawson)

7.How can people watch show?

Google Real Rap Wives of Bham to see a host of celebrity blogs articles on us & watch show on their web pages, search us on YouTube or follow us on facebook & twitter..you can't miss the show on social media!

8.Were you shocked with number of views show has gotten?

Views were astonishing to me because we broke a record and made a major statement, as I said earlier, accidentally.

9.When can viewers be ready to see a new show airing?

Next show airs sometime in mid or late December..

10.Whats your best asset as a woman you feel?

My best feminine asset is my brain because you can mimic my wardrobe, u can even get plastic surgery to get this body, but the one thing that is most exclusive about me is my brilliant brain. While others sleep, I brainstorm.

11.How do you feel about the direction entertainment and Birmingham as a city is going in?

I admire our hustle and am very proud of our determination to b heard despite of the "Bama stereotype". What I am very unhappy with is the amount of time it is taking the industry to realize there is a goldmine amongst us & act accordingly..

12.Any Shout-Outs?

Yes GOD for creating such a brilliant specimen, my "younger half" Mercy,
My $on "Bubba", RR Family, Bham Music Blog, Rap Wives Cast old & new, M.Ques for being an outstanding mentor, K.Bibbs, Oh and HATERS for outstanding free promo!

13.Give readers your social media links & booking info?

Facebook @ Nina labelle or Nina by net...twitter @ Nina labelle7....
Google Real Rap Wives of Bham, search youtube, instagram @ Nina labelled or email ninalabelle.mosthated@gmail.com!

14.And finally... Leave the people with some final words of wisdom?

"Shine is something you have to take & claim as your own. No man will ever walk up to you and say,"Here u can have half of my shine". It doesn't work that way. If you WANT it, you have to TAKE it".
HBIC...Nina LaBelle

Interview By:J-Dash (Asst Editor)
Posted By:K.Bibbs (Editor)

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