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Ms.Carie-Interview #DMD

Ms.Carie of Birmingham,AL readies her brand new mixtape #DMD and in doing so Bham Music Blog sat down with the talented female m.c to speak with her about her up bringing to her musical style to when the fans can expect her project, & more, check out more of Ms.Carie today below,here on Bham Music Blog.

1.How is it going?

Honestly and truly blessed everyday

2.What are you in the process of working on?

Actually finished my debut mixtape DMD. We're pushing 2 singles 'Sharks in the water' & 'Spaceship' in promotion of that project and halfway done with follow up mixtape 'Goddess'

3.When can fans expect that project?

DMD dropping late September

4.Who are some of the features on cd & who in state would you like to work with and they may not know?

I got Kastro, Heron Rodriguez, Kuntraversy,Nino Brown...few collabs up my sleeve for Goddess,DMD is really a showcase of Ms. Carie lol. B-Flat a fool on the tracks we used to make magic in high school def want 2 get new beats/production, the boy Lil mook making noise for AL def would like to connect with him, and honestly actually need male and female vocalists so every and anybody who actually putting in work.

5.Explain your mixtape title DMD?

Dope Man Daughter is kinda based on a true story without going to far into it, pick up the mixtape for the whole story.

6.How was your up bringing with that being said?

Whole lot of praying and a love for money at the same time lol ups and downs. I went to an honors alternative high school but got expelled 3times b4 9th grade. Blowing money, smoking weed buying all the heels and J's, passing all my tests, getn my ass beat for fucking up. Pop did 2bids by time I was 18 tho so highest of the highs & damn near lowest of the lows. Poppa took them risks so we wouldn't have to but what's in us, is in us. With great power comes great responsibility. I'm the DopeMansDaughter but poppa raised a Goddess watch me reach in this mud pull sum money up out it.

7.What inspired you to become a artist?

Basically was born that way. My mom said I been rapping (or my version of) since I started talking lol but actually my grandma always said I had the Midas touch;There has never been anything I wanted to do that didn't flourish so I really didn't fall in love with the art of it until I was bored with everything else and everyone loved my flow around 13

8.What singles do you currently have out ...& pushing?

Sharks in the Water & Spaceship plus a gang of new material we gearing up to drop with new mixtape & more after that.

9.How has it been recording your project?

The recording?! Its been a blast man! I come alive in the booth!I got music by the bundle but it has been hard work picking songs and putting together projects and handling legalities and whatnot while still getting this money.

10.Who are your favorite 5 Alabama artist? F it got to name myself as one lol, Rich Boy, Gerald Levert, Dirty Boyz and anybody pushing to be that next star.

11. How do you feel about females in the rap game today?

We need more with actual stories & talent. Angel Haze...beast

12.What would you tell a female who started rapping today or what advice would you give?

Scared money don't make no money go for yours sweetheart but be ready for criticism and swing with the hard hitters.

13.What s your biggest motivation?

My boys (King & Sire) & my parents

14.What one word best describes Ms.Carie as a woman & artist?


15.What would a males say is your best asset? Lol smile or A$$

16.What do you want consumers to take from you mixtape DMD?

Country rap tunes mane lol genuine Birmingham original swag and a want for MORE

17.Any Shout Outs?
Shout out my CEO K.Bibbs & my whole label Freewill Records Inc. and all southern hip hoppers. Big S/O to Bham Music Blog.

18.How can the people find you on the net give em your social media links?

@MsCarieFWR on Twitter @Ms_Carie87 on Instagram ... Lets #Network

19.Finally leave readers with some final words of wisdom?

Watch Birmingham don't sleep on us we got more than just killers down here, we have actual talent and hustlers pushing to bring us to full light period.

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