Monday, July 22, 2013

DJ Lenny (Interview)

1.How is everything?

Everything is good! Im excited about all of the new business opportunities that Ive been able to take advantage of. Esp since Im fairly new on the scene of deejaying.

2.What inspired you to become a dj?

I've always had a love and passion for music. Seeing as how I cant dance, sing, or rap deejaying seemed like an easy alternative. Seriously, I've always wanted to do it. Just did not know you could make a career out of it until I met some deejays that actually do it for a living. I've had the pleasure of hearing some GREAT dj's growing up and they all played a key part in my career path.

3.What's your favorite part of being a dj?

My favorite part of deejaying is of course the music. Ive had the chance to hear artists' work from everywhere. Hearing their prospective on life. Hearing their struggle, their goals, and how different we all can be and how similar we are even though we all have different backgrounds.

4.What do you hate the most?

The thing I hate most about deejaying is how many people don't appreciate the dj as much as i feel they should or they under mind the work that goes into it. We are the first ones at the party, last to leave, and if there is equipment set up and breakdown you have to factor in time for that as well. New music is put out DAILY and keeping up with that for every crowd you may play for is a job within itself.

5.What one song can you always play to excite crowd?

That is all circumstantial of the venue. Certain events and crowds may call for a record from Boosie. The next from Jay-Z, another Master P, or Frankie Beverly and Maze or even LMFAO. Just have to survey and feel out the crowd you're in front of.

6.What makes you and your mixing as a dj stand out more you feel?

I guess the blend. I grew up always wanting the right blend. Smooth transitions from one song to the other without even noticing. You just know "I Love this Track, AND this one too." I love keeping the party going and the women happy. An event with happy women is successful in my eye for more reason than one.

7.What clubs are you currently working or events are you apart of?

As of right now the only venue that I am at consistently in Birmingham is the High Note Lounge every Thursday night. I work with Club Rain occasionally. But I've mostly been hitting the road for private and corporate events in Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, and my home state Arkansas.

8.How can artist get music to DJ Lenny & Also what's the best way for artist to approach you with music if your in club?

Shoot them to my email or DM me on twitter @DJLenny14. Best way to approach me in the club is just simply come holler at me. I'm humble and I would never come off as cocky. I'm trying to get it right along with the artists.

9.Are you working on any mixtapes at the moment?

Yes. My first hosted Mixtape will be out at the end of the month. Its the beginning of the Live Free series beginning with Live Free Vol 1. Its going to be a fun project. I've got artist from Atlanta, Omaha, Arkansas, Alabama, and New Orleans on the ticket.

10.How can someone looking to book DJ Lenny contact you?

I'm very easy to get a hold of lol.

Facebook: Deejay Lenny Thompson

Twitter: @DJLENNY14



Phone: 205.259.8834

11.Any Shout Outs or anything you wanna mention?

Wanna Give A shout out first and foremost to God. Without him nothing is possible. Next, My first born baby girl. Hey Raegan! I'm a proud father. Last everyone who has ever supported me from Blytheville, Arkansas to Birmingham , Bham Music Blog & Alabama and everywhere in between.

12.Leave readers across world some wisdom to live by?

"I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me" Philippians 4:13.

Always Stay Humble Never Timid

DJ Lenny
Bham Music Blog

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