Thursday, June 20, 2013

Alabama talent Heron Rodiguez just dropped new mixtape,and preps to hit the road and spread his message to the world. Read here today on Bham Music Blog and learn more on Heron Rodriguez.

1.What's good homie?
God and my music. Thats about it. Thanks for reaching out.

2.What are you currently working on?

Right now Im gearing up to go on the road and tour this summer. Im tryna spread this dope all around the nation.

3.We just saw you dropped new tape with Supastar J Quik how is tape doing.

Im getting alotta great feedback. People say its some of the hottest music thats out now. Its on LiveMixtapes if you wanna download it.

4.What do you feel it will take for Heron to blow coming from Alabama?

Honestly, I believe it will take a miracle. Thats why Im hitting this road to get it in and get discovered. But I do believe in miracles.

5.Do you feel Alabama supports their own?

Not at all. The artists support each other somewhat but it all starts at the top. The radio and local DJs got it all screwed up. The promoters are scandalous too.

6.Who are some of the features on new project?

I've got featured vocals from Ashlei Lauren, Tyler Riggzby and Krymson Wyte. And of course the legendary Supastar J Kwik is the host.

7.We know you did a feature with Ms. Carie that will be featured on new Loyalty Over Love mixtape but name some other artist who may be reading this who you would like to work with?

Yes. Big shout out to Ms. Carie. I enjoyed making that collab with her. Truthfully, Im looking to work with anybody who has real music and real talent.

8.So what's coming up next for you & also before we forget tell the people were you from?

Be looking out for me popping up in every state this summer at every club. And Im from Talladega, Alabama.

9.Name your all time top 5 M.C's?

2Pac, Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem

10.Any shout Outs?
Once again, shout out to Ms. Carie and FreeWill. Shout out to God. And Alabama.

11.How can fans or promoters reach you for shows or bookings?

I can be reached at (256) 368-8594. Follow me on Twitter @HEY_HERON and Facebook/Heron Rodriguez.

12. Leave readers with some final words of wisdom to live by?

Put all your trust in God and stay true to yourself.

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