Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Presher Da Player (Interview) #BMB

Presha Da Player of Birmingham,AL has really been working hard pushing his music in 2012-13 ,Want to find out more on whats going on with him & when you can expect new music out check out interview below today, Here on Bham Music Blog.

1.How is it going?

Everythang Conglamorate

2.Glad to be interviewing you,how long have you been doing music?

Mane its good to be here there is a lot of real ones who are not…. Salute I been writing since my middle school days, rappin in studios since 2004 and really pushing my shit since 2010 #1Hunnid

3.Where did you get your rap name from?

Simply put MY LIFE!! I shoulda been a movie well my life rather. Pressure is a definer of its victims/victors it leaves a lasting impression on whatever it touches wether it be good or bad. I like to say that’s where I came from that’s what made me the man I am today. Thus the name Pressure #IApply

4.How have the streets been embracing you since you been pushing hard in streets?

Depends on where you go and who you ask…. Um a Nation Wide nigga I haven’t really been any one place to long so in the local hood niggas eyes who cant see past his on block I might not be as firm of a fixture. But those who have had encounters with me will vouched at um bout all that my music encompasses and more … like I Need it…

5.What are you currently working on?

In Transition Deciding if im relocating to ATL or TX. And pushing The new single Takin Off ft. Chuck D. off the white Towel Music mixtape comi ng soon…… by the way S/O to chuck D “Ahead Of the Game” Mixtape Out now go get that!!

6. When can we expect that?

Soon Really Soon...

7.Who are some of the producers & artist you have been working with?

Artist J-Walk, Mia bella, Chuck D, Snootie Wild, Mike Ross, Khao Teflon, Eddie Kane, Geneyus, George P, Black Montana, Yung Lokee, Marcus P Producers Tmanic, Amen True, Brandon Griffin, Travon Brantley,K.Bibbs & T-Time Eric Long.

8.What Alabama artist would you like to work with, that may not know?

Bam-Bam Carter, and I fucks with Kastro flow.

9.Who is your favorite rapper & why?

Gotta give it to Outkast. I haven’t really found any rappers old or new who has displayed such versatility as far as genres, style, voice, delivery, and I still think the AT-Aliens is that cd!

10.If you were stuck on a island for a year what one rap c d not your own would you listen to for a year?

Goodie Mob Still Standing.

11.How do you feel about the hip hop & rap game in the Magic City?

Theirs an abundance of talent here and not jus rappers I mean singer,producers, engineers, promoters,dancers graphic designers, models. But its all to no avail due to the RIGHT MENTALITY , CULTURE AND SUPPORT……. Or should I say the lack thereof.

12.How can artist or promoters looking to book you reach you?

Email Ph. (205) 568-9057

13.Tell fans & readers how they can reach you on social media?

Instagram- pressure_da_playa Twitter- @hmaddox24 Fb-

14.Any shout outs?

Shout to my provider and protector first and foremost I couldn’t do it with out him!!! S/O to Chase Tuner “SoCME “ Eric Da Real Zack Morris Long “AppetureE” Chuck D my playa partna Brandon Griffin & Micheal Mcdormmett “WWE” Bham Music Blog & The Whole Magic City.

15.Leave the world with some final words of wisdom?


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Presher Da Player


K Howard said...

Whaddup Pressure keep giving em hell mane we gone get there one day. Ur overseas connect Big Kev RedHotFlo representor.Bama stand up fo da boi Pressure he doing this for y'all

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Roderick Taylor said...

DONT stop til you smoking rapper weed n yo own jet...get it my nigga!

Anonymous said...

Straight up I vouch for ya!!! #Bout #Thatlife
It aint no stopping ya. #GoHard #TeamPresher

donna saddler said...

I see you doing your thing and making things happen. Only way to go is up. Keep doing what you do best and gaining nothing but success. Congrats on your BIG MOVEMENT Presher!