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Yung Clova Inteview:Lambo Music Group

A new year has rolled around and Lambo Music Groups own Yung Clova speaks about,his label,music,fashion & where he's headed as well as trials and tribulations here on Bham Music Blog.Check out interview below.

1.How is it going...Clova?

Everything good. Been working in extra hard working on a movie, doing these fashion show. recording and branding Lambo Music.

2.What are you currently working on?

I just dropped an album called Upper Echelon. Hosted by 103.5 DJ Skoot. the supplier..my whole campaign is Upper Echelon .movie . fashion shows etc.

3.When can we expect that project?

It dropped Jan 19 2013. We had a big release party .it has not dropped on the net yet....but will in the next couple of weeks... reason for... I wanted to separate the streets from the net to understand my consumers since this is the first release up under my label...which we had a fashion show at my release party. also pushing a clothing line called Purple Tyrant.

4.Tell readers a little about your hometown?

I'm from a small city called Athens Alabama. I love my city. Most rappers around here walk around with clicks. the good thing about my city i got the whole city behind me...

5.With you being in a group so long how is it recording as a solo artist now?

If was rough at first. Didn't really know what i wanted to do. Had a vision but didn't know where to start. Now that the ball is running its going great. I lost the connects with the fans and plugs. But here recently i noticed they been hitting me up. I love it. It made me stronger as an artist and a business man.

6.With your group (G Side) doing so much has it been hard to transition?

Yeah the transition was hard. Like i said my shows slowed down and i had to go back to the trap and work. And major festivals stopped but I'm a strong believer in god. I know I will bounce back. lol

7.You have a unique style being from Alabama,tell readers some of your influences from fashion to rappers you looked up to growing up?

When I grew up I was influenced by 8 Ball & MJG,Outkast. Geto Boys and I always had a passion for fashion.. I won best dress in high school. I grew up in poverty and I always said when I got on I would I always dress to impress.

8.So you have your own label,tell us who are the artist and what's in store for 2013?

My artist are. Lucci and KId KId Kid as a group they are called Kre8tive Soul.... another artist is Ellion.. Ph...and Fly... I also got 2 models that's killing the game rite now. Terry Woods and Jordan Michael...MAN OUR BUZZ IS GOING CRAZY.. We really ain't in a rush we more focused on branding the label on a movement that other rappers ain't doing. to focus on diff consumers.

9.How do you feel about the current state of Alabama hip hop/rap?

I think Alabama is the next to blow, if we learn to show unity far as DJ's.rappers.models. promoters and etc. I have traveled all over the world and Ialways get asked about Alabama music.

10.We see you heavy into fashion...Tell readers about the line?

Purple Tyrant was started by my home boy Hakeem Davis. We started this movement June 2010 . i think a person that understand fashion has the most craziest ideas...I made models the face of Lambo Music cause i wanted to push my label as a production company one day... lately i been designing pants . shirts and coats.. just to keep a buzz on my name.

11.Whats are your goals for 2013?

My plan is Just to get everyone on my label a hot buzz going in to 2014..if i can brand everybody names with a good reputation behind it I'm satisfied. I know next year I can ask for a label deal.. the main objective is to promote in diff location where other rappers ain't. to find new fan base. if every rapper in the game is going rite my label will go left. it just may be the harder route but we will stand out the most. for ex. I did a big fashion show to promote my album. It worked i gave my consumers a good vision of what the album consist of. Now i got female and business people on my movement

12.Any Shout Outs?

Shout out to anybody in America that's chasing there dreams and actually making sacrifices to make it.

13.How can you be booked for shows & how can people contact you on social media?

Hit my manager up at 256.374.2059 Shaniqua Farrar.

lambomusic2012@gmail.com...ukclova@gmail.com...twitter:@SupastarHipster....instagram:yunglcova.....Facebook: Yung Clova and for our music lamglambomusic.bandcamp.com...

14.Leave readers with some final words of wisdom?

To all my readers. I wish that everyone that's chasing their dreams don't give up.The key to success is not giving up. And realize God didn't build the world in one day. it will take time to build your dreams. and to all my people that's making sacrifices to make it. I salute you,allot people want to make it easy. Trust me its not going to happen... one love

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Edited By:J-Dash
Interview By:K.Bibbs

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