Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cavalli The Promoter:Interview

Cavalli...Is one of the leading promoters in the Magic City,Read interview today as he gives you his keys to success & where he's heading through-out 2013 & Where he will have you partying at in up-coming months in the Magic City.Read today here on Bham Music Blog.

1.How is it goin? Pretty good. Lost my father last week, just trying to recoup my thoughts.

2.Your one of the top promoters in Birmingham Alabama,How'd you get your start in promotions.

Thanks for the compliment. I always partied hard and decided to turn that passion into an income stream. My first party was at club ice and it was a major L. I learned from that mistake.

3.What was hardest thing in the beginning? Finding the right balance between location, date, and theme.

4.What are the ups and downs of the promo game?

Downs = haters, copy cats, over saturation, bad club owners and violence at the events. Ups= $$$, networking opportunities, fame.

5.What's the biggest lesson you 've learned? Run your own show or get paid up front.

6.What's the biggest mistake you 've made in the game? The biggest mistake I made was not keeping new people or fresh faces around. As time goes on, and your crowd ages, you have to either change the parties or stay relevant with your target market.

7.What has been your most successful event to date?

The WingOut series and the Kappa Party Classic 2011 at the BJCC.

8.What's the toughest thing about being in the promotions game in Birmingham?

Copy Cats, the people do not try to experience new ideas, but will run to Atlanta, the free all night promotion ruined the party scene for a long time.

9.What type of doors do you hope to see open in the city like in bigger cities like Atlanta L.A Miami Las Vegas etc?

Birmingham has to develop attractions that bring in vacation/tourist money. That is the difference between the promotion game here and in those big cities. The have millions of new money being brought there every weekend from people coming to spend money. In Bham its recycled money.

10.What advice would you give a up coming promoter?

Have enough money do parties for 3 months without making a dime. Bham is slow to move and it takes longevity.

11.What can club goers an the city expect from Cavalli in 2013?

New ideas, Concepts, and venue choices. You will see some invite only events or black list events and some black tie affairs this year.

12.What one adjective or word best describes you as a man? Focused.

13.What's the last book you completed? Last hard book: Decoded by Jayz : I listen to audio books/seminars/sermons everyday. Favorite speakers, TD Jakes, Les Brown, Anthony Robbins, Max Lucado, Jeffery Gitomer

14.For club owners or people looking to get the Cavalli brand or

events done by you how can they contact you? 205.223.7990

15.Give readers your Twitter?


16.Any shout outs? Jennifer, my future wife.

17.Leave readers with some final words of wisdom? Dont ask permission, ask forgiveness. I dont believe in excuses, dont use them, dont accept them.

Interview By:K.Bibbs
Posted By:J-Dash (Asst.Editor)

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