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T.C Gambino ... Interview

Read today as the up-coming rapper who is being pushed heavy by DJ New Era has coming up,and what he has in store for 2013...Read today on Bham Music Blog.

1.How is it going?

Doing pretty good, just working hard till I get to where I need to be.

2.We know you just dropped a new project,tell us about it?

Yea I just recently dropped my first mixtape in Aug. called "Mob Ties". You can find that at

3.How have the streets embraced it?

Real good actually but just not as much as I want it. I get great feedback from everyone, but its not on every corner, block or CD player . So I have to keep pushing my mixtape.

4.How did you come up with your name?

Since a kid I've always been into the Mafia. It was always interesting to learn about. So actually on like the 2 or third song I ever made called "Juug House" I said on the second verse "Tc Gambino, Mob Boss Living". I had put the song out and people loved it. And my roommate was like that's it. That should be your name and I ran with it.

5.What lead single are you pushing off the mixtape?

I'm pushing a a club banger call "Mob Sh*t".

6.New Era is really pushing you tell fans how you all linked up?

I was simply was on twitter and I ran across his twitter and saw how he interacts with his fans and random people that talk to him on twitter. I hit him up and we exchanged numbers. Before I ever heard his voice I sent him some music and it really has been a connection since then. You will see plenty of Dj New Era & Tc Gambino in the future.

7.How is your process in recording new material?

Sometimes when I'm going thru things I just write, no beat or instrumentals. Tell my producer how I want a beat and I go record. But majority of the time I have a selection of beats and I just go through and listen to them. I pick a beat and I freestyle out loud untill I find a melody. I keep freestyle untill I find myself repeating a particular word or line. I really just freestyle my hook then I write it down I don't forget it. Sometimes I write my verses and sometime I just go in the booth and rap from my heart with no pad or pencil.

8.Whats next coming up for you?

I have plenty of videos coming up this month. But I'm silently working in my next project. I don't have a name for it just yet but it will be impeccable.

9.Tell fans whats your hometown?

Huntsville, Al

10.Any artist in state you wanna work with in case they reading?

I probably would choose Doe B out of Montgumery Al. & Any hard working artist around state.

11.What major artist you would say made you wanna become a serious artist?

I couldn't say an artist made me wanna be a serious one. I would say me being locked up numerous times really made wanna be serious. But if I had to choose an artist that really inspired me to take it serious would have to be "Meek Mill".

12.How can people contact you for bookings & features?

256-585-8848 or

13.Leave readers & fans with some final words of wisdom?

Through God all things are possible. Beat the odds, don't be a part of statistics. Be smart, go hard, and be successful.

T.C Gambino
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