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Alabama female Rapper & Host "Vixi Da Diva"

Rising Birmingham,Al. talent Vixi Da Diva speaks to Bham Music Blog on her new music she is excited about,her influences and what fans can expect from her in near future,Check out more from her in near future and read more below. #BhamMusicBlog

1.How's it going?

Everything good...Have to say that I'm blessed.

2.Whats in works for Vixi Da Diva...How did the name come about?

What isn't in the works?! Right now I'm focusing on being the best me, becoming knowledgeable and studying cultures outside of my own. That's how I stumbled across my name. Vixi is Latin for "I have lived". I thought to myself what better way to leave here (die) than to have actually lived and accomplished your goals. I thought it was dope.

3.What inspired you to become a rapper?

I initially had a love for poetry. My cousin and I would write poems then compare them but one time he rapped his instead and my mind was blown.
So I tried it and it stuck.

4.Who are some on the m.c's who influenced you growing up?

Because I loved poetry, Nas and Tupac's lyrics spoke to me but I loved the excitement that Lil Kim brought to the table.

5.Are you currently working on a mixtape or any projects?

I'm working on a mixtape called "October Eight" named for the day I was born. It represents my birth musically. I'm finally confident enough to put out a full body of work that doesn't have to fit into whatever fads are going on. I want a person to feel like they've had a conversation with me after listening to it.

6.When can fans expect that to be on the streets?

Let me put the word tentatively in front of this cause people will hold you to it, but hopefully all the post production will be complete late October 2012. Some singles will be posted to my social media accounts like FB and twitter.

7.What other things are you working on besides music?

I really want to get into acting. My daughter and I role play and feed of each other all the time. It would be cool to share a stage with her one day. I've been checking out local plays and just studying the craft.

8.Which do you prefer the most?

Hands down no question...making music. It's therapeutic for me.

9.Any collabs on the project?

Nothings been inked yet so I can't drop names but lets just say that He and She are heavy hitters for the city of Birmingham.

10.Tell readers some of your hobbies that no one would know?

I like to race other people on the road who have the same car! Lol safety first tho, nothing over a buck 20. Usually....

11.Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

I see a completed freshman and sophomore album. A noteworthy role in a film, and just having fun and enjoying whatever else comes my way.

12.Your pretty active on Twitter tell readers your name so they can follow?

You can find me on twitter, FB, and instagram @vixidadiva

13.Any shout-Outs?

I would like to s/o my family!! My cousins who were my video girls slash makeup and hair artists who are in attendance in all my shows. My home girl Jessica P. Rappit just an all around good person, Tim Bryant of Bigg T Productions, Tmanic, HoodZone, Tia Reynolds,Bham Music Blog and everyone who supported me!

14.How can someone looking to book you for music or hosting contact you?

To book me send an email to

15.Leave readers and fans with some final words of wisdom?

Don't let the fear of failure keep you from success there is only one man who is perfect! Be yourself and be blessed.

Vixi Da Diva
Bham Music Blog
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Interview By:K.Bibbs


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