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Bham Music Blog Interviews Chris Parks

For the past twenty plus years, there is no doubt that hip hop music has been the voice of the youth. It has become the new religion for many. The gangsters, pimps, hustlers, and ballers have since adopted a new terminology of "real", but the truth is evident- hip hop needs a savior. With the release of his newest EP (Purple & Gold, Side A), Chris Parks is a rising artist with a different undertone. He's determined to shed light on the shade. Through his intricate rhythms and soul rooted lyrics, one thing is for certain- Chris Parks has arrived. And he's not selling anything short of what's real.Read more below & be on look-out for Chris Parks.

1.How's it going?

It's going excellent on my end bruh I'm excited about the opportunity to dialogue with you! How's it going with you? good I hope!!

2.How long have you been rapping?

ah man, um... for as long as I can recall honestly! I specifically remember though being in the 7th grade in English class and the teacher had this thing where every week everybody had to get up and say some from out a journal... Well I would use raps I had written! She didn't know it though she thought it was poetry cause that's how it came off really... The class thought it was a funny thing though and kinda always waited to see what I would do every time like ya know... I guess that qualifies as rapping... Does it?.... Really didn't start recording though till high school maybe the 10, 11th grade not sure though it's all a blur... Been doing it long enough to be good at it though!

3.What motivated you to become a serious artist?

That's a good question. And I'd have to say the same things that motivated me to become serious about life period! The music is only a reflection of that I feel... And I'd also have to say it isn't necessarily like my aim to be a "serious" artist ya know. If that's the way it comes off to the listener though that's cool cause I deeply believe it's on the audience, it's on the people to name a thing ya know?! Who do the PEOPLE say I am?! But the music and the content is the fruit of experiences that have caused growth and a level of maturity... And noticing that the same experiences would've caused me to give up or even at times taken myself out with my own hands had not it been for anything less than the Hand of God... Im only telling what's true for me ya know! I'm being myself and no one else, I don't really have any control over the way a person receives it... Theres also an element of noticing a void and a lack of options in the choice of music that people had to listen to on a day to day basis... So in that regard I got more serious about my craft cause you see a problem and instead of complaining bout it all the time, offer a solution... better yet, BE the solution!!....... That's really a loaded question I feel myself having so much more to say about it but I'm not sure if you want THAT question alone to dominate the interview...

4.The industry is filled with many different personalities and highly influential artists. Many will argue that the rap game is over saturated with sub par artists. What do you think of the current state of the industry?

Well it depends on what you like ya dig! Depends on what you want out of life, the way you view things... I wanna be objective, I don't wanna be one of those guys that's an extremist on either side! So the state of the industry? Hell, it's great for the night life!!! If that's what you want and feel like what life's all about.... It's clicking on all cylinders on that end!! And plus, it doesn't take an artist to make a party song, all you need is a rapper for that! But it's a dangerous thing cause for the undeveloped mind... Namely children, and a lot of adults as well, it would have them growing up thinking that's the whole of life, "partying and bullshit"! There's a place and a need for everything, there's a TIME for celebration and partying, but when the industry purposely over saturates the airwaves with this one theme, it can have a suicidal effect! It would be cool, it'd be a good thing to have more balance...

5.Who is Chris Parks as an artist? What sets you apart from the other rappers who have achieved success?

Well first of all I can't honestly say that I've yet had that moment where I could look around in my reality and feel like "ahhhhhh, SUCCESS" ya know, but I AM successful!! I just can't say that I've arrived ya dig! I'm still a seed under the ground with the fruit inside of me waiting to be made manifest... And it shall! But I think the biggest differences are for one, I'm from Birmingham and that's coming from an entirely different set of circumstances and obstacles I don't think most "successful" artists are familiar with... I know they can relate to the grind, but I'm talking about that lack of access. I mean, how do you enter into a thing and there's no door, not even a window, so we are literally having to create our own platform! And lastly,
I love the things of God, and not to say they don't cause I don't know, but I don't hear them ever say, neither do I see the fruits of it. But I myself love God, I enjoy talking about God, I enjoy hearing about God! I enjoy Godly surroundings! And I'm gone say it!!! But see the thing is... I don't consider myself as trying to be a gospel artist or gospel rapper! I just simply love God and it's comes out in the music... So when success comes... and it shall... that'll be a major distinction I'm sure!

6.What can fans expect to take away from your music?

I guess just an overall good feeling! Sunny day music even when it's raining! Daytime music even at night! And Lord willing a breath of fresh air! But I really think that's a question for the listener after they've heard it... Which they can download at I think that was a pretty good plug!

7.You've done a lot of work with Mr. MaJic. What was the creative process like in working with him?

Well he's such a testament to the talent that's in our city!! It's such a shame the game don't know guys like him are in Birmingham to work with! And he's still a younger guy and that's crazy to me, so I have to tell him sometimes he only getting better and he doesn't really have a ceiling... I'm anxious to hear what's gone come out of him when he hit like 30 ya know! That's crazy!! He's what the game calls a super producer... And simply what I call a friend of mine! Theres always a versatility of sound when he opens his catalog to me and that makes the process simple cause I may be looking for a certain sound and I'm sure to find it with him, because of that versatility...

8.What was the process of making the EP like?

I looked up one day and realized I had enough to start with! Simple enough... I had been making songs with a certain sound in mind, a certain energy... And I'm not sure if I'm quite there yet, but it's a good start! And the feedback was tremendous so I put it together to offer as a product...

9.Tell us about your newest single.

Absolutely! The name of it is "ByeBye Egypt", it's open for interpretation, but it for me was telling an old lifestyle I was leaving it behind! And it's also a play on the book of Exodus... And it's really only the single right now cause it's the one people are giving the most feedback on right after they hear it! But every song is single worthy and can stand alone! There's 4 tracks on the EP in all, you can hear em AND download

10.Your music emits a soulful sound. Who are some artists that inspire that sound? Are there any artists in particular who you would like to work with in the future?

Well growing up I was inspired by and kinda caught that spirit of having substance from guys like Outkast and Nas and Scarface and Tupac of course, I enjoyed Big, Jay-z but more so because of the mastery of their delivery than what was being said! These days though if you got in the car with me it's either sports radio or gospel music! Lol seriously! And right off back, it'll be cool to work with Mali Music, Deitrick Haddon, John Legend maybe... that'd be cool...

11.Any shout-outs?

S/o to Bham Music Blog for giving local artists an outlet of expression and being an inspiration to keep it going cause it's a good feeling ya know!!! For an underground artist to do something like this gives credence to the work they put in ya dig!! I think it's an awesome thing God bless y'all sincerely!!!

12.How can promoters or people wanting to work with you contact you?

I'm accessible...
Just call or email, 205-332-9424 or
And the usual, follow me @parksthesun, Facebook Chris Parks.... Easy!

13.Leave fans with some final words of wisdom?

Never settle! It's much easier emotionally to be yourself than tryna be someone you not!! And if you don't really know who or what that is yet, stop everything you doing and figure it out, pray about it or whatever it takes!! Cause once you know who you are and the reason for you being born, decisions are more simple cause their based off that revelation, and it puts you on the path of your destiny!
You don't know me yet but I love yall!!

Interview By:
Lee Davis/K.Bibbs
Posted By:J-Dash (Asst.Editor)


Anonymous said...

ByeBye Egypt produced by Chucky @

Anonymous said...

"ByeBye Egypt" produced by Chucky @

Anonymous said...

Success, Is your destination & I believe u have arrived, questions that were n my mind have been answered. The single is 1 of those tracks where u repeat it to make sure u haven't missed anything!!!! Keep allowing your music to come from the soil, yeah soil!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bruh I love the sound... you like a feast for a lyrical content starved city. Parks we been waiting on you. Keep God first and shoot for the stars! B.G.

Anonymous said...

Just listened to the album. Must say dude got lyrics! Parks is up next for bham.