Friday, July 6, 2012

10 Must Have Mixtapes from Alabama Artist

Here is a compiled list of 10 mixtapes from Alabama artist(s) that are must have's from the 1st half of the year,in no particular order.Check out the following artist mixtapes,thanks II all labels,mgrs,& staff for sending new content II Bham Music Blog.

1.Deuce Komradz-Rolling Strong (Montgomery,AL)

2.Zilla-Zilla Sh.t 2 (Huntsville,AL)

2.Doe B-D.O.A.T 2 (Montgomery,AL.)

4.Kastro-Most Loved Most Hated (Birmingham,AL.)

5.Klub Monsta-Separate But Equal (Birmingham,AL)

6.K.D-Crown Me (Birmingham,AL)

7.T.C Outlaw-100% Authentic (Huntsville,AL.)

8.Eskimo Joe-Last Man Standing (Birmingham,AL.)

9.Murc Heist-The Last Legend (Bessemer/Birmingham,AL.)

10.Cleeze Purp-The Color Purp 2(Birmingham,AL.)

Bham Music Blog (10) Alabama Artist Mixtapes,you need in your deck.Google these mixtapes today,And stay tuned for our summer list coming in August.Dont see your favorite Alabama artist post comments & email us today @

**This was no contest it's for the purpose of the world to be exposed to great talent & promotions of great music.**

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Derek Davis said... Check out my uk mixtape. so potent volume 5 uk edition. From bham ala to bham.england.