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Bham Music Blog Interviews Patricia Pickett

Bham Music Blog brings its readers South Models-CEO Patricia Pickett,read today as she speaks on the modeling business,what she looks for in a model and where her plans will take the company in 2012.

1.How's it going... ____________?

Going great! Thanking GOD for his many Blessings!

2.So with this being a new year did you set any New Years resolutions
for yourself?

Continuing to keep GOD first and knowing the rest will fall in place.

3.So exactly when did you begin South Models LLC ?

South Models, LLC was founded in November of 2003 by myself and old business partner (still friend), Kevin Key of Moon Men DJs. We both owned our companies that had promotional models (Off The Chain Management,LLC & Moon Men DJ's, LLC). We decided to merge our promotional models pursuant to starting a professional modeling agency.

4.With that being said,what exactly was your vision when you launched the company?

I use to model when I was younger. Back then, I had nobody to manage me and I was working as my own representation which soon became a struggle. People made promises they didnt keep, photographers would ask me to pose in uncomfortable positions, and on some occasions clients that would book me for work such as promotions and hosting events would end up not paying me. One day GOD came to me and told me maybe I should work behind the scenes. GOD told me, to take everything people did wrong to me and do right by others and that if I followed that principle, I would have a successful modeling agency. I must say till this day I know this is why my agency is so BLESSED.

5.Years later as you've grown and models have come and gone...Is the modeling business what you expected and more?
In a business like this, you expect talent to come and go. That's why its important to seek new talent quarterly and that you respect and continue to work hard for the current talent you have that has continued to play apart in your agency being successful.
What I didn't expect was a recession in the entertainment business. This caused bookings to slow down and jobs became less paying. For example, a lead in a music video use to pay anywhere from a range of $1000 to $2500, today a lead could range from $250 to $700 (a bit higher if booked in LA or Miami).

6.Whats the biggest lesson you've learned?

That its ok to say "No."
To say no to a model that does not has what it takes.
To say no to client that calls with a last minute request thats impossible to fill.
To say no to a client that does not want to pay your talent a fee you know they are worth based on their resume\credentials.
To say no to a talent that breaks protocol in agency.

7.Let's speak a little on the models on the roster...How many are
currently under your umbrella?

At this time 20 signed, 10 active. Signed meaning they are under contract with agency, active meaning they are signed and currently available for bookings and to attend castings. In-active models are on break per their request. Being in-active is not bad at all. We work with our talent and grant them breaks to work around their schedules. This could be a full time job or a full time student in college that just doesnt permit them to be available for bookings or out of town castings, a break to build portfolios, a break to work on weight loss goals, a break to prioritize their health, or for just personal reasoning, all of which our agency supports 100%.

8.And do you manage both male & female models?
We only manage female models at this time. I work with sister agents if I have a request for male models.

9.Tell readers exactly what you look for when adding clients to your roster?
Experience, if any.
Goals as a model.
Physical Appearance.
Drive/Ambitions/Dedication/Self Motivation/Self Respect
Talents outside of modeling.

10.With so many modeling agencies coming and going over the years,How have you been able to withstand the test of time?

I keep GOD 1st, focus on the talent I represent, continue to book our talent professional work that represents our agency on a National level.

11.What would you say is your biggest accomplishment as of today in the business?

Having a successful modeling agency going on 9 years this November.

12.What advice would you give an up-coming model looking to break in the business in a place like Birmingham,AL.?

Do your research on exclusive and non-exclusive contracts, on standard agency fee's, and on agency you seek to represent you.

13.Do you work with plus size models for those who would like II know?

Yes. I one day plan to fully launch South Models Curves Division that will focus on representation on plus size talent.

14.What inspires you on a daily?

Keeping GOD 1st In Everything I Do!

15.How would someone contact you if they would like to join S.Models?

By attending our quarterly open model calls. I generally post on facebook and on our website. Out of town talent can email images along with stats to pdpickett@gmail.com.

16.So with you working so hard for so long...Whats next for South Models coming into 2012?

To continue to focus on booking National work for our talent.

17.Any shout-outs or plugs?

I want to thank the following:

GOD for his continued BLESSINGS.

The talent we have worked with in the past and the talent we currently represent for if it wasnt for them we would not be where we are today as an agency.

Our past and current staff for if it wasnt for them we would not be where we are today as an agency.

Sister Agents, Jay Glover (HD The Agency) and Johnny Sledge (Radar Men Model Model Management) for teamwork in Dreamwork!

My family and friends for their continued support.

K.Bibbs and the staff at Bham Music Blog for the opportunity of.this interview.

18.Leave readers with some final words of wisdom?

Bham Music Blog
S.Models/Patricia Pickett
Edited By:J-Dash
Interviewed By:K.Bibbs

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