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Bham Music Blog:Elee Exclusive Interview

Bham Music Blog goes inside the minds of one of Bham's most talented female artist/m.c's Elee,read more on her today and see whats coming up for her coming into the summer.

1.Hello Elee how are you doing this afternoon?Lovely! And you?

2.First of all it’s my pleasure to be doing this interview with you,with that being said what’s going on new with Elee?

Well, of course there’s new music coming! Getting ready to release my 3rd project/mixtape. The sound of the project is very different from what I’ve done in the past, and I’m pleased with that because I think it shows growth.

3.What started your path in the music industry?

I’ve always been a writer as far as I can remember. It was the way I felt most comfortable expressing myself. Of course I dibbled and dabbled with instruments and sang in school choirs, but it was my 1st recording experience that set it off for me. I was recording vocals to a cover of “Johnny Be Good” for a recording arts class I was taking for the heck of it, and I had more fun doing that than anything! I realized I could take my own lyrics, put them to music and make songs as much as I wanted, and I was hooked. I just enjoyed the creativity so much.

4.Who are a few of your musical influences?

Sade, Tupac, Mia X, Cyndi Lauper, The Bangles....I could go on...

5.What artist have you worked with and which do you look forward to working with?

I’ve worked with Ree’al, Modesty XO, Lil Chappy, Gem Avery to name a few. I’d like to work with more female rap artists who are up and coming, but on a major level I’d like to work with Jill Scott and Big K.R.I.T. because I think they’re so great at painting pictures with their lyrics. That’s just to name a few. I could think of many more talented artists I’d like to work with!

6.What is this most memorable moment you’ve had while in the industry?

I would have to say shooting my first video to “Oowee” and performing at the Alabama State Wide Stepshow. I’d never performed in a venue that big before or in front of so many people! It was great. They totally rocked out with me.

7.The New Year has arrived, so what is your New Year’s resolution for 2012 for you career?

For me, it’s all about staying focused on what I’d like to accomplish and to work harder than I’ve ever worked before in order to do what I’ve never done before. Also, to keep evolving as an artist and challenging myself to stretch my creative limits.

8.What new projects are you working that we can look forward to?

As I previously mentioned, I’ll be releasing my 3rd project very soon! I’m still mulling over the title though lol.

9.How have you grown as an artist since your past two albums?

Wow, I’m becoming more fearless in letting my true voice come out. That has to do with the fact that I’ve also grown more as a person, and as a woman, and am beginning to come into myself. I’m more secure in just doing me and less concerned about what I think people may think is cool or acceptable. As you will hear on the upcoming album, I’m singing more and flipping things around, expressing more of my softer side, yet it’s all honest. I’m experimenting with different tracks as well that appeal more to my natural flow.

(Watch Video Below)

10.Are there any shows you have coming up we need to be on the look out for?

There are definitely shows coming up. I don’t know the exact dates yet, but you can surely go to regularly to stay posted as to where I’ll be performing.

11.How can fans/promoters get in contact with you for booking?

Email is the best way :

12.Leave readers with some words of wisdom here on Bham Music Blog?

To thy own self be true, always look for reasons to believe, and you really do have to work hard/consistently to reach your goals.

Interviewed By:Big Tony
Edited By:J.Dash (Asst.Editor)
Posted By:K.Bibbs

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