Thursday, January 26, 2012

Producers Watch:Prezzley P.

Bham Music Blog chops it up with Prezzley P. The rising Bham,AL. producer speaks on his musical journey and his new single "Dusty Feets" & Where his roots began in the music game,Read today & check out more on the talented producer today.

1.Whats going on___________? Prezzley P...

I'm just Supa Coolin homie just double workin and double grindin. Everything Scraight Scraight!

2.Fresh into the new year tell fans whats coming up for 1st quarter of year?

Check out the Prezzley Beats On that new Cleeze Purp "The Color Purp. Vol. 2" Hosted By DJ New Era...That will be on January 13th and Be On the look out for My Compilation Project "#EVILLAUGHBIOTCH Hosted by DJ New Era scheduled for the second week of February. Everything on that project will be produced by myself.

3.I see you been promoting a new single as of late tell readers about that?

Yeah Homie "Dusty Feets", featuring the big dawg Chrispy from Throwed Ent., is my new Single following up "Stunt On Dem Hoes". The song can't be any realer than the title. Boosie said it best "Dusty feets please don't bother me." I produced that track also.

4.How was it making the song ?

Making the song was a breeze! It was inspired by an encounter I had with a "Dusty Feet" who swore I was too good to talk to her when I politely turned her down. Shit was fun tho! You can't help but have fun in the studio with me.

5.So do you rap & produce which do you prefer most?

I Prefer producing because every beat that I make has emotions in it or a story behind it. I rap because I feel what I say needs to be heard and the world can relate plus its fun as hell.

6.How long have you been pursuing music on a serious level you would say?

I've been rapping since I was 9 but I have been seriously making beats since I was 12. I sold my first beat at 13.

7.When did you know hip hop was something you wanted to do to pay your bills?

Good Question! I never thought nothing of it until I was about 12 and I had so many people to tell me that I should take it serious since it comes so easy to me. It really got serious when my Great Grandma told me that me and my talent was a blessing to this world before she died back in '05.

8.We see you do tons of work with Don Prez another Alabama talent speak on the relationship?

Well Don Prez is my cousin. We been kickin it like 4th and 10 since I don't know when Mane...But that's my kinfolk and we been doing this since niggas was sellin Holographic Pokemon cards!

9.So what equipment do you use in making your beats?

My Equipment is Simple: FL Studio, Inspiration, and a Creative Mind. I don't use keyboards or mpc's or anything. I just use what I got to get to push to where I wanna be.

10.So is their a mixtape on the way for you?

Yea, Compilation Project titled "#EVILLAUGHBIOTCH" is scheduled to drop the second week of February. I'm working on a solo project as a Rapper but the title is Unnamed for now...Might get my followers to help me come up with a name lol.

11.What advice would you give a producer/beat-maker starting today?

My advice would be to stay down in order to come up & use what you got to get what want. Pray for patience and keep working hard even when you don't want to. Patience is what a lot of people slack on, but good things always come to those that wait.

12.How can artist contact you II grab beats & network?

Follow Me on Twitter @PrezzleyP or Holla At My Partna @Cloud9Citizen for talking numbers about beats or You can contact me for Exclusively Purchasing Beats at

13.Any shout-outs?

Shoutout to the Home Team SGA (Street Geekz of Amerikka), OVMB, SFOG, Hollow Ent., Rochouze Syndicate, The Homie G4, and The 4s Up Coalition, BRMG, My Big Bruh B-Flat Trax,Bham Music Blog and the Rest of My Home Team & Everybody that Fuck with me Strong.

14.Last off...Leave readers with some final words of wisdom?

We workin on a bread truck while these others fightin over bread crumbs!

Prezzley P.
Bham Music Blog
Edited By:J-Dash (Asst Editor)



Sophisticatedly Ignant said...

Oh he be working forreal tho & he's very talented. The next Kanye or Tip, just watch him.

Mario Maxwell said...

He to thoed on them beats especially on dat 420 intro wit cleeze purp x Big Gunt#Salute mane.