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D.J New Era- Exclusive Interview (Read Today)

Bham Music Blog brings you DJ New Era the rising Alabama dj,has been working hard for sometime now...Read today on what he has in store for 2012 & he also gives artist and mgr.etiquette 101 on presenting a d.j with music in his eyes.Read more today & Post comments.

1.Whats the deal ... DJ New Era?

Whats Good Yo...Bham Music Blog.

2.DJ New Era ... Tell readers how long you been djing?

Well Ive Been Djing 4 in half years Now it will be 5 years In Oct.

3.Would you say djing is a passion for you or a hustle?

Djing is Both a Passin and a Hustle. In order to have a passion for something you have to have the desire to hustle behind it. When You hustle you are understanding the craft and determination behind it.

4.When did you you know that djing is what you wanted to do on a serious level?

When I Bought my 1st Mixer when i was in college i missed 2 days of class and these classes were courses I needed to graduate. I Stayed up day and nite learning which buttons did what. I even did my research on which Software best fitted me as far as learning how to mix.

5.So whats your main focus club dates or what?

My main Focus is allllll of it: meaning Clubs, Greek Functions, College Parties, Touring with Artist, as Well As Mixtapes. In my eyes that makes a complete Deejay a Deejay that can do it all and win in all aspects.

6.With that being said how do you go about choosing an artist II do a mixtapes with?

I choose and artist based on The quality of there music. You got some artist, who get there music mix and mastered and you got some artist that just through some crap together just to say they have a mixtape out. My Motto is "Quality over Quantity"

7.Which is your best mixtape to date?

My Best Mixtape To Date is my mixtape With Yung Joc - Triple AAAA The Mixtape I am Proud of that mixtape because I am the only dj in alabama to have an official Mixtape with him. That Mixtape was top mixtape of the week on Hard Work Does Pay...

8.Whats coming up for you next in 2012?

Well Right Now Im working With my Artist Mike Will?, which we just released Mike Will - The Best Of Mixtape. That mixtape Can Be found on (Indy Section). Im working on getting him more shows in other areas and working on that record deal. I have something
big in the works I can't to much Speak on but just know if God allow it this year is the year for Bama.

9.What clubs are you currently rocking on a weekly basis?

I am Currently at The Ph Lounge every Friday Nite Thats My Main club on a Weekly Basis. I will Be at Club Legends On Sat and Sundays (Coming Real Soon).We Gotta Get that Paper Work Right First but You can also Catch me at the M Lounge and E's Lounge on some Sat and Sundays.

10.How can artist contact you an submit music II you for projects & networking?

Artist You can contact Me Viva Email ( That is my direct Email Linked to my phone. I Do respond to all email and also feel free to contact me on twitter @THEREALDJNEWERA ...

11.What would you tell artist,is the correct way to get music II DJ New Era in the clubs?

Im Glad you asked that question. The correct way would be to have it on a Disk In Mp3 Format and make sure the disk has the artist name and
track information on it. I dont do hard drives neither do I do wav Formats.

12.Any shout-outs or plugs?

I would Like to Shout out My Girl Yadda and My Fam Kenny (they Do all my artwork) Salute to them for the support and Shout out my Producers
Tc Da Don and Way Da Future. My Fam DDMG, OVMB,Bham Music Blog and My homie A-Jay The Dog Be on the look of we got more heat coming for the Streets. Make Sure yall Check out my Mixtapes on Just Keyword (Dj New Era)

13.Whats your Twitter and Facebook?

My Twitter is @TheRealDjNewEra and Facebook DeeJ New Era

14.Leave fans and readers some final words of wisdom?

You can do anything you put your mind II just keep God first and have faith. Have your own mindset. You don't have to go too college
to be successful.

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D.J New Era
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