Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cleeze Purp Interview

Cleeze Purp...the talented Fairfield,AL native sits down with Bham Music Blog & talks about his new mixtape The Color Purple V.2 & what he has coming up in 2012,Read today & follow Cleeze Purp today @cleezepurp93

1.How's it going _______ Cleeze Purp?

Everything is going ok,jus workin hard on these new projects

2.What do you have coming up for 2012 for the fans?

I jus drop my nex mixtape "THE COLOR PURPLE VOL.2" hosted by Dj Esco & Dj New Era on on 1-13-12.

3.Ok...How was the process and doing the mixtape?

The process of recording comes natural to me because everything I rap about I've experienced & lived. Now were in the process of promoting the mixtape.

4.Who are some of the features you have on the tape?

Big Gunt, Kj, Trill Will ,M Ques, CBeazy,and Rocko da Don

5.Did you work with any new producers this time around?

All new producers: CBeazy. Prezzley P, Big Gunt, and Big Spook

6.With so many rappers coming & going in the city how have you been able to keep a solid fan base/following behind you?

Before I started rappin I was known,so the things that I rap about the fans know it is real.

7.How have you grown as a artist since your 1st project you think?

I' ve grown extremely! My voice has matured and the material that I'm recording is better.I have experienced more and lived more since then.

8.Would you still rap if their wasn't a such thing as money?

Yep, I love making fresh music!!!

9.Who are some rappers locally and mainstream you'd love to work with?

Locally anybody that's real and makin nice music.

10.Whats biggest life lesson music has taught you?

Not to give up on what u believe!

11.What do you feel it's gonna take for Alabama artist to really start
too take-off?

The support all the radio stations and the club Dj's and the citizens.

12.How can artist & public contact you for features or just fans II reach you?

My twitter is @cleezepurp93 or they can contact my business partners 205-531-3861 & 205-447-3955

13.Any shout-outs or plugs?

S/o to anyone who took the time to listen to my music and to Rocko Da Don.

14.Leave Bham Music Blog & readers with some final words of wisdom?

Make sure you produce quality music all away Round and keep it Real with yourself and others

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Artist:Cleeze Purp
Interview By:K.Bibbs
Posted By:J-Dash (Asst.Editor)

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