Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bham Music Blog Presents-Naimah {Interview}

Bham Music Blog brings you Naimah,The Bham,AL artist lets readers in on some of the producers she's working with on her new project,and whats next for her & why she will be seeing the world in HD going into 2012.

1.How is it going? Everything is Good,living the HD LIFE!!

2.Tell fans how long you been rapping?

I have been apart of music my whole life! I started rapping in 1996 with a childhood friend and we formed a Female Group. The lost of my aunt put me in a different state of mind. I decided it was time for me to go solo and develop my own brand. I've been a solo artist for 2 years now.

3.When did you began to see it was a lane 2 really make this a career for yourself?

After my aunt passing honestly. I knew I wonted to be in the music Industry all my life, but it didn't become clear til she passed and I felt I had nothing left.

4.What do you feel you have to prove to the city & world?

That women can compete with men and make good music too. It's just doesn't have to be about money,sex,guns,gangs and lies. Lol

5.How has latest project been doing in the streets?

Wonderful, honestly being Independent can have its ups and downs, so I was nervous about it but after seeing the numbers from downloads, all I have to do is keep pushing! They love me and it's very heavy in the U.K now. S/O to DJ Carlo in Italy!

6.How are listeners responding to the project?

They wont more, a lot of people email, text me asking about the new project and more songs! New Project Coming Soon!

7.Who are some of the producers & artist you worked with?

Snipe G. Young, K.Clark, Soufsyde Records,Hoodzone, Contri-Boi Ent., Jay Gunz, Ms. Shae, Miss Mercy, Shawn King(Baltimore), Johnathan Pinn(VA), Fosta(South Carolina), Skrooge(Georgia), people from all over and this is just a few.

8.Whats next for you?

Three(3) full length Albums, Touring, Quality Music Videos, Promoting, Marketing and staying on Top! lol

9.What other endeavors are you currently working on & or doing outside of music?

In working with a designer from Georgia, who has started a clothing line called Favor Gear. Clothing that makes you feel prosperous. He's actually my first investor. We're just trying to branch out and create new! I don't plan to rap all my life. I wont to be able to start a management company that helps other unsigned artist and reach their goals.

10.How can promoters or artist contact you for bookings & collabs? will direct you to buy my Cd, YouTube, Facebook,Twitter!!!

11.Give some shout-outs...?

God couldn't have every gotten this far without him, Dr.Snipe G. Young and K. Clark for all they do. Soufsyde, Hoodzone, Club Flight, Lucci, G-Entertainment Magazine(for always having my back), Eve Elmore(for always believing in me, my parents an family, All the DJ's across the world! All my supporters and fans, Bham Music Blog (BMB) for letting my voice be heard some more!

12.Any final words or words of wisdom you wanna give fans or readers?

People try and throw roadblocks up but its up to us to move them. If you have dreams and goals I say go for them. "It's either Go Hard or Stay Home!!" Nothing But the Best.

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FAVOR GEAR said...

Naimah Love your work. And you have my full support.



Anonymous said...

happy new year ,Naimah ,,,You keep doing what you are doing..I love your engergy..I know you will go far

D.CLAY said...

Keep Pushing, Don't Ever Stop, No Matter What!