Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bham Music Blog-C’hanon Kurpatrick Interview

Bham Music Blog proudly brings you inside of the minds of one of the cities rising R&B acts C’hanon Kurpatrick.The talented singer lets readers in on what she has coming up and speaks on her musical roots & when to be looking out for her new mixtape.

1.Hello C’hanon Kurpatrick,How are you doing this afternoon?

I am blessed

2.What projects are you currently working on?

I am working on a mixtape ,”The Coming Of C’hanon KurPatrick” Have been collaborating with a lot of Alabama stars ,like Mz Joi ,Shurlock ,Seven, Nick Paul, Marko B, Deno ,Vixi Da Diva and Young Don,also staring in a musical play next year ,”The Songstress” Also had the luck in working with two of the most well known directors here in Birmingham, Kenny Luk and Tig Knight.

3.I just witnessed you perform at the Sunday Night Cafe R & B & Neo Soul Showcase,What was that experience like?

It was a wonderful experience.

4.Where do you get your musical background from?

I have a musical family, my father was a singer ,brother did production ,aunt teaches music and grandmother was a classical singer.

5.What artist have you listened to the most that has influenced your style?

Whitney Huston ,Aretha Franklin , my father Patrick Gatson Sr and Patrick Gatson Jr who are no longer here with me.

6.Who are some of the artists in or outside of the city that you would you like to work with?

Anthony Hamilton,Fantasia,R.Kelly,Jill Scott and so many more.

7.What should your fans expect to get from a C’hanon Kurpatrick album/mixtape?

Wow! by me being a songwriter different genres from pop, hip pop, R&B to Gospel ,I have a little for everyone.

8.Who are some of the artists that we can expect to hear on your next project?

Mz Joi ,Seven, Yong Don, Vixi da Diva ,Marko B and Shurlock.

9.How long have you been singing?

All my life.

10.What advice would you like to give artists trying to go in the musical direction that you are in?

First of all put God Number one ,Believe in yourself and your product ,make sure you have a great street team and support system ,also make sure your paper work is right ,like copy write forms and other important papers ,it is always good to research the music world ,make sure you are computer smart ,technology is the way of the world ,so keep updated.

11.Are there any shows that you have coming up that you would like to let your fans know about?

My next event will be The Sunday Night Cafe Jan 8 @ The M-Lounge,Everyone who's reading this & through-out the city be sure to come check me out.

12.Please provide promoters & artist who are interested in working with you your booking information?

Email me at, facebook, reverbnation or call(205)718-9545

13.Can you leave readers & fans here on Bham Music Blog some words of wisdom.

It is such a blessing to dream, and such an honor to follow that dream ,watching it come in to reality .Which make life much more fulfilling .Allowing you to live in that fulfillment ,which then leads to the true meaning of life ,Purpose. Seek your purpose and find true meaning.

Artist:C’hanon Kurpatrick
Interview:Big Tony
Posted By:J-Dash(Ast.Editor BMB)


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kenny luk said...

You are a very talented and BEAUTIFUL sista

Anonymous said...

For those of you who doubt her, I've heard this sister sang at 2 in the morning and her voice didn't crack a note or skip a beat. She's the real deal and I dare anyone to sleep on her! Great job C'Hanon. She's as beautiful as she is talented, and will always be the love of my life! Stay focused and surely you are on your way! Love ya!

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Good Interview,love the blog.

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Great interview girl keep up the great work...
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