Monday, October 17, 2011

T.Rose Interview

T.Rose chops it up with Bham Music Blog,& speaks about her new business endeavors,her promotions company the 90/10 Agency & her outlook on where she sees the Birmingham entertainment industry heading.Read more today to see what she has in store and post comments & thoughts today.

1.How is everything?

Everything is Wonderful! And Busy!

2.For those who have seen the name and your name on fliers but haven't seen the face,tell Bham Music Blog & readers what exactly you do?

It's so many different things that's I do, but to sum it up...I'm a Business Woman! From Music Manager to Public Relation, to Fashion, to Radio, to Event & Promotions, I've done it! Lol

3.So how long you been doing,marketing & P.R? About 8 years now.

4.So tell readers the name of your company and services you offer & your companies goals?

The name of my business is 90/10 Agency LLC! Which comes from a quote that I had seen in college. The quote stated, "Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react you it!" I always kept this quote with and it inspired my company's name. We offer Management Services, Event Planning, Marketing and Public Relations. We strive to handle our business with integrity, and passion. 90/10 Agency's Goal is to change the Entertainment Scene of Birmingham, Alabama and the World!

5.What are some of the events you've done & have been apart of?

Eat the Streetz Open Mic,90/10 Music Conference,Numerous Fashion Shows & Charity Events.

6.So...what would T.Rose say her passion is?

To do God's Will...God has given me a gift of vision and drive. I want to change the world through Fashion and Entertainment.

7.So what are you currently working on?

As of right Im building the brand of T.Rose!In 2011 going into 2012, you will see my name everywhere! I'm co-hosting The Sunday Night Cafe with Big Tony on Sunday,November 6th at The M-Lounge. It's gonna be the Hottest NeoSoul/R&B Showcase in Alabama!

8.So how can artist looking to take part in Sunday Night Cafe become involved?

Submit a performance video of yourself to

9.What inspires you?

Of Course God, my Parents, Family and Friends! and

10.Whats your overall view of the entertainment business in Birmingham,AL?

Well at one point I it felt sucked!! But currently, I feel that it is going in the right direction. In Birmingham, we have too my people trying to do business and they do not know what they are doing. Too many chiefs and not enough indians and no enough unity within the city. But we are on changing that.

11.For businesses and artist looking to build their brands and marketing & P.R whats best way for someone to contact you?

Email me at or Facebook or Twitter@TRose205

12.Any shout outs?

To my team Alecha, Kennita & Erick Burpo,Crystal,Eboni,Tony,JR and K.Bibbs...they also got my back! My Family & Friends! McKinley B., he is always pushing me to take it to the next level.Snipe Young & K.Clark, Code,Butta,95.7Jamz,D.J Chocolate,G-Entertainment,they continue to inspire and support me through it all. Monica,David and Queen, they always believe in me. I'm sorry, if I forgot anyone!

13.And finally any quotes or words of wisdom you wanna leave the masses?

Keep dreaming,keep pushing,it will pay off.Put God in everything you do and it will come to pass! And when you do good,Good things will comeback to you!

Bham Music Blog
Interview By:K.Bibbs
Edited By:J-Dash


Anonymous said...

T. Rose I truly think you are a fresh of breath air in the magic city. You have an aire about yourself that everyone needs to follow and accomplish. I wish you the very best in your personal and professional life. God has a plan for you no man can take away form U. Love Ya---- Chun

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