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Klub Monsta Interview

Bham Music Blog brings you in depth interview with on the rise Bham,AL group Klub Monsta. Read today as the group fills readers in on the groups name,recording process & what the future holds for the talented group.Read more here on Bham Music Blog & Post comments thoughts.

1.How's everything going...(Klub Monsta)?

Everything is good family, we appreciate the opportunity to sit down and talk with you guys.

2.Why don’t we start off with introducing the group to BMB & the world?

Hailing from Birmingham Alabama we are just a group of young men trying to formulate quality music over great production from a talented core of refreshing producers.

3.So where exactly did the name Klub Monsta come from?

KLUB Monsta holds the acronym for Knowledge. Learned. Under. Birmingham. Many times people see the name and are instantly turned away thinking along the lines of the typical groups that they are accustomed to hearing. Soon they dig a bit deeper and see that there is a meaning behind the name. Originally the name was Monsters Inc. when the group only had two members. As the group evolved we decided to evolve the name also.

4.How long has the group been together?

Air Talley and K. Ricks formed the original KLUB Monsta in 2005. J.Dotta and Joshua were brought in along the way and the KLUB was fully formed in late 2009 early 2010.

5.How has it been getting music to the masses with you all having such a different sound coming out of Birmingham, AL?

It has been a learning process,the Internet has been a key tool to be able to reach out to many people outside of the state. Also we have been trying to develop meaningful relationships within music and outside of the music with an array of people. Sometimes you never know what kind of doors may be opened by the development of strong relationships.

6.Whats the groups mission and do you all feel you all can be the next big group from the south because the music & sound is there in my eyes?

Our mission revolves around the quest to learn more about the music industry, to continue to work on structuring a stronger team to help within building the Klub Monsta brand, working a lot harder sharing our music to those in and out of the state, and finally making quality creative songs that stay true to who we are as people.

Thanks for feeling that way about our sound. We honestly feel that we have a chance to make this dream a reality. Nothing is guaranteed within life, so our approach is to actively work as hard as possible to make this situation happen for the whole team. Our mantra is pretty much “now or never” so the focus is to really make these dreams come to pass.

7.How do you all,go about working in the studio being in group is it easy or hard....explain the groups recording process?

For these last two projects it has been like a puzzle. We all have varying schedules so a lot of the times we are in the studio at different times formatting records. For the forthcoming project “Separate But Sequel.” We worked through email and telephone for the majority of it. Rapping raps through the phone and emailing what we recorded in the studio to each other for approvals and changes.

Klub Monsta-Waiting(Video Above)

8.How was it shooting the video with Tig Knight?

The "Waiting" visual was a great experience. Super huge thanks to Tig
Knight for the ability to capture our thoughts and ideas and convey them visually. Tig is a very cool brother who crafts excellence from the beginning treatment to the final edits. With "Waiting" being our first video as a group, we kept things pretty simple. A very small cast was involved within the production. We just wanted to try our best to complete the idea in mind. With the help of Tig he really transformed our original plan into something way bigger and visually stunning.

9.How has the reviews been on the video?

Overall the people really have drawn to that video. Birmingham is a very beautiful city and that beauty was captured throughout that process. It really helped us gain a new base of people who before then never knew anything about a KLUB Monsta. So that video served as a bridge to bring more people to the music.

10.So is that the groups 1st official single?

Yeah "Waiting" would be the official single.

11.Whats your views on Bham & the entertainment business here?

We feel like the community here is growing and on the verge of really getting an opportunity to make an impact within the industry. There are so many talented acts here that have a product that is better than or comparable to what is going on daily within the musical landscape. Really think we have all been very patience while still vigorously pushing our product and that patience and persistence will pay off very soon. This thought goes beyond Rap artist and encompasses graphics designers, videographers, journalist, DJ’s, Producers, engineers, live bands, singers, dancers, song writers, and so on and so forth.

12. What legacy do you all want to imprint & leave when it’s all said and done?

At the end of the day we just want to create music that could possibly inspire, generate thought, and make you move your head a little. When we think on legacy within our genre groups like Red Light District or R.O.A. come to mind. Not to just simple think hometown but there were a host of songs by these particular groups that people know each word and flow cadence still today. These groups left something to strive toward so if we can leave something for others to strive toward that would be outstanding.

13.How can fans & promoters looking to book Klub Monsta reach you guys?

For any and all inquires you can email us at or

14.Where can fans pick up your music or mixtapes?

Anyone looking to check out our projects can go to they can also follow us on twitter @klub_monsta which will lead to other links to find music, visuals, and other random things.

15.Any Shout-Outs?

First huge thanks to BMB {Bham Music Blog} for given us this platform and giving other artist from within and outside of the state a place to go for good music and quality interviews. We want to thank the family of producers that we have had the opportunity to work with. John Ciers Jr., Byron the Aquarius, Terry R., Skip Beatzz, Inkpress Anthem, Dez The Genius, G-South, Savage, B-Flat, and D.J Burn-One. Thanks to the team that helps us daily, Marius, Mike Wortham, Michael Ciers, and AJ. Huge thanks to everyone that supports the music, who downloaded “Southern Theory” who even cared to believe in our abilities as artist. We value the time taken to listen to the music and we hope to provide another quality listening experience with our next project “Separate But Sequel” #SBS

16.Leave fans & readers with some last words or words of wisdom?

Nothing to profound other than enjoy life and don’t take it for granted. “Separate But Sequel” hosted by DJ Burn-One coming soon.Follow us on twitter @Klub_Monsta Find us on Facebook (Klub Monsta) and follow us on Tumblr (

KLUB Monsta
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