Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tig Knight...Is on a path to Run The City...READ!

Bham Music Blog chops it up with Tig Knight,read today as he fills in fans & readers on Nov14th and speaks on his greatest work to date & what he has coming up next.

1.What's going on?

-Just maintaining and trying to stay focussed homie.

2.Tell the people how did you come up with the name Tig Knight?

-We'll Tig was given to me as a child by my Aunt,But Tig Knight came about from a few members of a crew I used to be apart of. They gave me the name as a joke,playing off of suge knight,but I decided ok,I'ma take it and make it a house whole name so ive been running with it since then. Its gotten around pretty good so far but I won't stop til its worldwide. haha.

3.For those who don't know you began rapping and producing which do you prefer film or being in studio?

-We'll music is my first love and I can do tht better than i can do anything at all so I'm gonna say the studio,but I put the same amount of creativity and time into my video and photography work as well. its kind of the same thing,when I write a song I try to make it as visual and vivid as possible to the listener so its like they can actually see the story that im saying. And with the video work,I try to take the viewer to the same place as the listener,if that makes any sense to yall. Im very detailed in all my work.

4.When exactly did you start doing videos and films?

-Actually about a year or a year and a half ago,atleast me seriously doing it,about a year and half I would say.

5.How many videos have you done thus far & Let the people know what your business can offer?

-I ve got over 30 videos I've done up to this point. As far as my company goes,November 14th, we specialize in music videos but I do all kinds of videorapghy work.But we mainly do music videos and soon I wanna try my hand in making short films and movies.

6.And the name of your film company is Nov14th correct how did that name come about?

-November 14th is my son's birthday,so I named it that to remind me of why I have to work so hard and who im doing all of the hard work for. We are still in the beginning stages of business and just as with any business it takes time to grow and for us to get to the status we are trying to get to but in the end I think we will be pretty successful and maybe I will be able to pass it down to him when he gets older you know. I also have the record label, New! Car Tunes, and we just trying to bring Alabama hip hop,they way we live it and see it, bring it to the rest of the world if possible.

7.Which video do you feel is your greatest work thus far?

-I wouldnt say I have a greatest because I'm still learning and trying new things every time I can,but some of my personal favs are the 6 tre G video I did called 100,Klub Monsta-Waiting, Kuntraversy-Kuntraversy Sells, and probably this newest video from Dee Macc.But I like all my videos & all the artist I've worked with have been super cool. And we had fun shooting Murc Hiest video for his song Murc Greatest. Shout out to the homie Kenny Luk too for showing and teaching me things about filming and dropping jewels on me when he didnt have to. He took time out of his schedule & what he does to do the stuff he did for me yet he did anyways.Real people do real things and I wanna shout him out for looking out for me.

8.Where do you see your video talents taking you in next couple of years?

-Like I stated earlier I'm hoping it takes me to a comfortable,successful,happy life. Working with some marjor label artists on music videos and other projects,shooting big commercials, And hoping maybe that it will lead me into making movies.Who knows tho I think its really no limit to where it could take us.

9.Whats coming up for the Tig Knight brand coming up the rest of year?

-Well we plan on shooting more videos for Alabama artists as well as artists from other regions,putting the spotlight on alot of the great talent in the city that deserves some shine. Also pumping the website www.NOV14th.com,its kind of like a World star hip hop meets facebook where any one can join for free and post all of their music,videos,photos,etc. Models,Rappers,singers,producers,designers,anybody that has a talent or a service is encouraged to join and network and advertise and
band together to put every aspect of Birmingham and Alabama's entertainment industry at the forefront and have it all showcased for the world to see it. As far as New! Car Tunes & music,we are dropping Dee Macc's mixtape real soon,we got the new video out now for his single called Fly Away produced by KK(Kelvin Nalls),and we have Maine Browns mixtape out and the Gang Green Gang mixtape featuring music from Me,Dee,Maine,Franchize,Minthol Kings,and more is available now for free Download on Datpiff.com & on www.NOV14th.com,Plus I'm working on some new music like an album and a few mixtapes.

10.How can artist or businesses contact you for filming and more?

-For a video or photoshoot I can be reached at tig.11.14th@gmail.com or @tigknight on twitter or hell even inbox me on facebook.com/tigknight

11.Where can you go to check out your videos,is their a site?

-My website of course,www.nov14th.com but I have a page with almost all of my video work at vimeo.com/tigknight or on youtube. My channel is under the username "satuhde",just type it in the search and my videos should come up no problem.

12.Any last words or words of wisdom for the public?

-Yeah, I wanna give a shout out to my family,my son Cam, my New! Car Tunes family,all the hard working Artists in Birmingham and Alabama,The whole city and everybody that I have worked with or will work with in the future. All the dj's and models that rock with me,all the fans and all the haters as well. But I wanna say rest in peace to Samuel Fat Shelby and my homie Julian Tarver. To everybody else, just stay positive,dont give up on your dreams,and think outside of the box more because its so many possiblities out there! GOD bless & peace. And thank yall for doing this piece on me! Good Luck fam.100

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