Wednesday, September 7, 2011

B-Flat Interview...Read Today

Birmingham's own B-Flat sits & chops it up with Bham Music Blog,read today as he talks about production,inspirations,artist he'd work with & more.

1.How is everything (B-Flat)?

Everything's going well, G. Just staying busy.

2.Tell Bham Music Blog readers a little about you?

Well, I'm a music producer, studio engineer, and vocal arranger. A great deal of my time goes into engineering, working hands-on with artists & being a part of The Basement [].

3.So with that being said how did you get so heavy into the production side of music?

Playing music by ear was the foundation in elementary school. I would listen to records on the radio and try to pick them apart with my 1st keyboard. I wasn't even aware of how much fun i was having. About 8 years ago, i began pressing buttons on software & such and everything skyrocketed from there.

4.Can you remember the 1st beat you ever made?

The 1st legitimate, but not so legitimate beat i made was a re-make of Pastor Troy's "Vice-Versa." It was the 1st on what was a fairly complicated sequencer at the time & all of my rounds remember it to this day.

5.How does it compare to the last beat you made?

Well, 1st of all, it wasn't an original composition! & now, so many other factors are considered when making music: having fun, considering the effect on the listener, and considering the effect on the artist that may want to work with it.

6.Who are some of the producers and musicians who inspired your early production?

Chad & Pharrell [The Neptunes]. I can remember the effect that Kelis's "Get Along With You" had on me.

7.Heard some classic street records you did with Birmingham talent K.D,what's your favorite record you've both done together?

"Iye Kontac" [eye contact]. It marked a change in my production style at the time. I was studying more. & KD displayed some elite writing, constructing an R&B hook.

8.Who are some of the artist you want to work with on a local level & a national level be honest?

Local: I would love to work with more artists who are full-time artists.. artists who, when asked "What do you do for a living?" can say "I'm a musician/I'm an artist." Their passion gives way to a great creative experience. National: THAT description/list is too long to place here!

9.What motivates your production on a daily basis?

Hearing new music motivates me. I love hearing new sounds. It encourages me to find something new of my own.

10.Whats some of the biggest lessons you've learned in doing beats?

One of the biggest lessons I've learned is to make sure I'm having fun. That's the perk to having this occupation. "If you're doing what you love to do, you'll never truly work a day in your life."

11.Whats the difference in making a beat & producing a beat in your eyes?

Good question! This has been a debate for a minute now. I think that when you consider producing a beat, you do something that paints a picture for the artist and make it easy for him/her to create.

12.Whats next coming up for B-Flat?

I'm in the process of doing more entire projects for artists rather than just having a track or two on them. I really enjoy it.

13.How can artist or media outlets contact you for production or interviews?

Check out /

14.Any last words of wisdom to Bham Music Blog readers & up coming producers?

Be serious about your craft & your craft will be serious about you!

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