Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bham Music Blog-Zilla

Rising Huntsville,Alabama star Zilla sits down with Bham Music Blog & speaks on his grind,future plans & his mixtape Zilla Sh.t.Read interview today.

1.Whats Goin on? Zilla..

Mane I just been trying to maintain, I was in a bad car wreck back in June so i've been recovering from that.

2.Tell Bham Music Blog what part of Alabama your from? I'm from Huntsville.

3.We 1st heard you on Live From The Classic 5 two years ago how has your music grown since then?

It's grown alot, I created a nice lil internet and street buzz off my mixtape "Zilla Shit", I was featured in Spin Mag's "Best Songs of The Year...So Far" So shit kinda been fallin in place for me since then.

4.Checked out mixtape all over net how has the streets & fans reacted to the project?

I got a real good reaction from both, shit kinda amazed me. Especially all da over seas love, I never expected dat.

5.What was the process like recording it?

Basically I just had fun with it you feel me. And all theses fire ass producers we got under one roof really made it go smooth.

6.What are you currently working on?

At the moment im working on "Zilla Shit 2" We also got the O'Third "Family Ties" mixtape coming too.

7.Whats your process like when recording?

Basically what ever im going thru, or I got going on in my life at the time of recording is what imma spit in that mic. Str8 up & down.

8.Who inspired you to get in the muisc business & become a recording artist?

It was just really something I always wanted to do.Since middle school and high school, beatin on the tabel at lunch. This music shit just always been in me.

9.How would you describe the music culture in Huntsville,AL as of now thru your eyes?

Grindin..... Everybody doing they thang. Im proud of my city right about now, as far as the MUSIC go.

10.Whats going on with StacaMil?

Bruh in prison, he should be touching down round the first of the year.

11.Where do you see Zilla going in next 5 years as a artist? Doing bout 3 or 4 shows a week and getting all the independent money I can.

12.Who are some of you favorite Alabama artist?

Dirty, Duece Komradz, Lawn Boyz, C-Nile, Mr. Big, Birmingham J, Small Tyme, Mr.Blue, Big Pope, da list goes on.....

13.Any Shout-Outs? S/O to my city "Huntsvegas" the Nawfside, My squad "O'Third", SMS, Block Beattaz, Mile High, K-Dough, Untamed Ent., AHU, 100% Ent., Cant Stop Muzik, Tek Support, PRG'z, Artillary South, KD205, Freewill Records,Da Ham, Da Gump, Mob Town....

14.Leave the public with any final words & some words of wisdom?

Stay focused & grind hard. If it dont make dollars, it dont make no damn sense. Stay independent.

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