Monday, July 11, 2011

Nina Ross of Montgomery,AL. Read Today.

Nina Ross of Montgomery,AL. sits with Bham Music Blog & speaks on Music,Respect,Life & What she has coming up...Read Today.

1.Whats good?

Life!!lol wuzz up

2.What's been going on with you?

Well Im finishing up this project.

3.So what are you currently working on?
My new street album titled "Anti Ordinary"

4.Who are some of the features you have on project & producers?

Papa Duck,Yung Ralph just to name a couple.

5.When is the expected date for the streets to be looking for the mixtape?

I push it back to the last week in August,because I should be recovered by then.

6.Heard about car crash,how does it have you looking @ life and music now that you've had to slow down?

Man,I don't know where to start..Well it happened the beginning of May and my life hasnt really been the same,in so many ways it slowed everything down but Im very blessed to be alive,and have a second chance at life.

7.What are some of the biggest challenges you face being a female rapper from Alabama?

Everthing you just said lol being a female rapper is crazy the men in this industry look at you as a joke they don't respect us so they mis-use us and being from Alabama is hard because everybody look at us as being country and dont know nothing but im here to prove everybody wrong and get my respect.

8.Who are some of people you wanna work with that you havent as of yet?

Jeezy,Boosie,Webbie D.J Drama and Drumma Boy.

9.How can fans and promoters contact you for shows & appearance?

Email me @ ninaross334@gmail or by calling 334-513-9528.

10.Any words of wisdom to fans and people reading this interview?

Yes love the skin your in and live today like theres no tomorrow.

11.Shout Outs?

Shoutz out to everbody who support my movement Doll-House Promotions, Different Nation,Dare to be Different,and shouts out to Bham Music Blog for the interview be blessed and keep GOD first mauh!!..

Nina Ross(Montgomery,AL.)
Bham Music Blog (K.Bibbs)

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