Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chican George "Spreading The Soup"

Chican George,read about the Alabama artist today.He's on a mission & spreading the soup.

1.Whats good?

Life's good and God is better! Just spreading this soup!

2.Tell the fans and readers exactly where your from?

I'm from Montevallo,Al. I moved to Fairfeild for college (Miles College) and now I currently stay in Anniston,Al

3.Been checking you out how has mass public been taking to your music,with you having such unique style?

They love it! Artist really have to embrace the digital age and understand the net is just as important as the streets. I'm always doing blogs on my website and i always make sure I RESPOND TO EVERY FAN. That relationship is what fans want to feel. Every show I perform, I give them my all and talk with them afterwards. My "soup troopers" are growing everyday!

4.How do you feel about the state of hip hop in the state of Alabama?

I love it and see it is on a rise. We could complain, but there are wack artists in every state. Hip hop lives in alabama. If you search, you will find it.

5.What are you currently in studio working on?

I'm working on "Post Game Show-1st and 10 edition" the follow up to "Souperbowl Sunday". I'm also working on a lot of collabs with other artist coming in the near future.

6.We checked out video shot by Tig Knight how was it shooting the video?

Tig Knight is starting a movement. He is also another example of why Alabama is on the rise. He knows how to see the vision. I gave him mine and he took it and ran with it. He was a natural. He was a pro and we had fun. It doesn't take a huge crew to make a classic video. Don't just support local artists,producers,blogs-but also support local directors.

7.Has your following grown more since you released video?

Yes! I had 300 views within the first couple of hours. A lot of websites picked it up as well. They enjoyed the original idea and opened me up to other markets.

8.So what can fans expect next from Chican George?

On july 24th, I'm doing my "birthday gift to you". It's my birthday and I'm allowing all the fans to pick the next video they want me to shoot and I'll premire it on my birthday-July 24th. you can vote from my website on any of my other social networks. After that, I'll be pushing my "chattin with chican" webosides. Letting all my fans ask me ANY question (PG-13 lol) and I'll answer them bi weekly.

9.Who are some of the artist you would like to work with in other ares of Alabama?

Klub monsta, Thed Weller and some positive artist that appericate hip hop and I want to collab with production from Snipe, Dez wilson, block beataz and anyone who would like to work with me-it would be a honor

10.Any words of wisdom you'd like to give to readers?

Keep God first is number one. Continue to stay humble-you'll never know everything about the music biz. Support inide artists-whether your buying our music, watching our videos, coming to our shows or even sharing our music. Always know your self worth.

11.We appreciate all support Chican George gives to Bham Music Blog & before we leave are there any final shout outs you'd like to give?

Shout out first to God and to Bham Music Blog for giving me time to share my music. Also, to all my soup troopers out there. Spread the soup!

12.And finally how can media outlets and promoters contact you for bookings/media?

You can contact me by phone 256-225-6217, email, or

Interview:Chican George
Bham Music Blog:K.Bibbs