Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yung Lokee Interview

Bham Music Blog speaks with Yung Lokee on whats been going on with him & plans for 2011 & The advice he would give up-coming producers.Read today.

1.Whats good(Yung Lokee)?

Man just out here grindin, blessed to be were I'm at.

2.How the game been treating you?

Well for the most part its been cool, but you know everything in life got is up's and down's.

3.With the number of mixtapes you do what do you enjoy the most production or rapping?

To be honest, I just like to be in the studio. It really don't matter if I'm making beats, engineering, or rapping long as I'm in the lab I'm good.

4.Whats coming up next for Yung Lokee & Kutt-Off Ent.?

Well you know I already have 7 solo mixtapes in the streets, but I got a group called " The Kutt Off Boyz " thats me, Kenny Mane, & Black Montana. We just teamed up with Dj Serious( from 95.7 Jamz ) this will be the first group project to be released by Kutt Off Ent. Its coming out late May.

5.Who are some of the artist you've done production for in the state?

Attitude, B.A. Boys, Modesty XO, Fred P, Birmingham J, Cleeze, Freewill Records, J Walk, T Mann, almost everybody doing music in Bama lol.

6.Whats the next project you have coming up?

Well I'm working on a DVD called " Welcome 2 Tha Kutt Off " & I'm in the studio recording my 1st solo album. Just tryin to stay busy.

7.How's the music business looking like in the state, thru your eyes?

Well If we had more outlets to showcase our talent here, I think Alabama would definitely stand out more.

8.Where can fans pick up your music or any sites they can download it?

Musik & More, 8th Avenue Records & Tapes, iTunes,,

9.What would be the 1st thing you'd tell a producer whose starting out in the production game?

Be original.

10.Who should promoters and artist contact for bookings/shows Lokee?

My manager G.B. (205)413-7300

11.Any last words for the fans/public/streets?

I just want to thank everybody thats been supporting Yung Lokee & Kutt Off Ent. cause without ya'll none of this would be possible.

Bham Music Blog
Artist:Yung Lokee

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