Sunday, April 3, 2011

Model Watch-Garnetta Marzhe

Check out the Birmingham,AL. upcoming model Garnetta Marzhe,read interview and check out what Garnetta has in store for 2011.

1.Great to sit and talk with you how's it going?

It's going great actually! I'm excited about this upcoming experience.

2.How long have you been working as a model?

Not very long, I started last summer (2010) and I've grown to be very passionate about modeling.

3.What type of projects have you done thus far?

I've worked with two modeling agencies in Birmingham to help promote their work.

4.What made you want to become a model or do print ads?

Well, when I was a little girl I would put on my mother's make-up & heels, strut around the house & feel as if I were the prettiest girl in the world. As I grew older I saw that I was very photogenic, so I would take a million photos of myself with my cell phone. After being recognized by those photos that I took, many modeling agencies began to contact me and I then experienced my first photo shoot. At that photo shoot I once more had that feeling of being the prettiest girl in the world, and I just knew that this was for me.

5.What models inspired you as you were growing up?
Tyra Banks for her drive and passion for modeling and Twiggy because she was the shortest runway model in American history, being my height I can truly relate to her.

6.With so many girls modeling what makes you stand out more than others?
I feel my features alone catch the eyes of many, alone with my confidence.

7.Whats your greatest asset most guys & girls would say,or sexiest thing about you?
Well most guys are fond of my body in general, but my smile is one thing males and females both admire.

8.What one word best describes you?

9.How can promoters and different media outlets contact you for modeling & print ads?
Facebook: Garnetta Marzhe'

10.Do you have a website or blog fans can check you out @?
Not as of right now. Its on way.

11.Any last words for fans & public reading today?
"We are all stars, and we deserve to twinlke." - Marilyn Moroe

Bham Music Blog:K.Bibbs
Model: Garnetta Marzhe'


TriceyFBabii said...

Nice! Wish you the best!

The Infamous 80s Baby said...

We're witnessing greatness before our very eyes....

jonathan said...

She's very talented and beautiful, fun loving and has a big heart...she a perfect ten...God bless you and good luck if u ever need sum more expose or anything talk to check out the online magazine I'm featured in at up the good work.

Anonymous said...

thats my girl,doing what she do best. with your sexy ass.girl damn lol we have a miss birmingham al, coming up.... good job keep it up

DJ Gutta said...

thats my girl,doing what she do best. with your sexy ass.girl damn lol we have a miss birmingham al, coming up.... good job keep it up

an thats from Dj Gutta an the roc houze DJ's

Peat said...

I See Ya Shawty! Congratulations!!

Eryn Robinson said...

Congrats Honey, you have truly blossomed into someone that can really bring talent and originality to the table. It's only up from here!!Love ya