Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Model Watch-Erica Reeves {Pretty Black}

Bham Music sat down with hard working upcoming model Pretty Black & spoke on her plans as a model and the road blocks she faces and what she has coming up in 2011.Check out interview and pic below.

1.How are you?{Pretty Black}
I'm good & you.

2.What type of work have you been currently been doing?

Well as of this moment I've been trying to finish up an full Portfolio

3.What inspired you to become become a model?

All my life I've always loved to take pictures, and I was always slim and told that I should model,so basically I had fans already.

4.Who were some of your inspirations in the modeling industry?

Victoria Secret runway shows as a kid.

5.What are your some of your biggest challenges you feel,in becoming a model being in Alabama?

To Be honest Birmingham is very slow and people over look talent down here it seem like you have a better chance changing locations.

6.What type of modeling are you willing to do?

High fashion , print, runway, glamour , bikini..etc.

7.What is your favorite part of your body?

My face

8.What do men find most sexy about you?

My lips

9.What will make you stand out from others you feel in the modeling industry?

I'm a very small sexy dark skin chick!!

10.How can fans and people wanting to book you contact you?

prettyblack205@yahoo.com or facebook@pretty black......

11.Any last words for readers?

Be looking out for Pretty Black !!!

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