Monday, April 4, 2011


Rising Birmingham,AL. talent Kuntraversy checks in with Bham Music Blog and lets the people know what he's cooking up & updates the world on whats in-store,for him in near future.

1.Whats Good...(Kuntraversy)
Everything is good right now man, im at a good point in my life right now.

2.Whats are you currently working on?

Well right now im currently working on my new mixtape "Kuntraversy Sells 1.5"

3.Doing so many shows now how has things changed around town for you.

I cant lie the shows help put me in a good position so now when people see me out they recognize me and show love.

4.What can fans expect from you on new mixtape?

Every so often i like to "re-invent" myself to bring something new to whoever wanna hear it. so expect the same great music with a slightly diffrent sound.

5.How do you feel about the current state of hip hop/rap?

See this is a forever changing industry so right now i feel like the time of the lyricist is back. hiphop is kinda on a roll right now i been liking alot of what i been hearing.

6.Who are some artist featured on new mixtape?

At this moment i have no features but who knows, i might bring a couple of my partners with me. thats something to be announced.

7.Whats in your cd deck right now?

Lately I been rocking some Wiz Khalifa, some Rick Ross and Jeezy, a couple locals, but for now im listening to the making of my own mixtape.

8.What inspires you when coming up with new songs during your recording process?

Most of my music is life-inspired so the beat really triggers what song i come up with. my music is more spontaneous than pre-thought.

9.How can the people contact Kuntraversy for media/bookings?, facebook./kuntraversy,,,

10.Any last words for the people?

Words of Wisdom: Dream as if you'll live forever, Live as if you'll die today. ~James Dean, also stay tuned for that "Kuntraversy Sells 1.5"

Artist Kuntraversy
Bham Music Blog:K.Bibbs

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