Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bham Music Blog-Brod-B

Bham Music Blog recently sat down with Birmingham's,AL. own Brod-B and spoke with him about his music and what he has coming up in near future.

1.Whats going on Brod-B?

Nothing much,hold up let me rephrase that a whole lot just tryna
stay grounded prayed up and focused and perfect my craft and see a
million a day to take care of my family and put this Murc Camp brand
on top anything else it wouldn't be me.

2.Whats is store for Brod B coming into 2011?

Well since 2011 almost gone I'm just prepping for 2012,which will be
the Murc Camp era and from there we go wit Bama on our back making
every other city our blocks lol.

3.With the success of your last mixtape what can fans expect from you on your next mixtape?

Honestly I aint have no success wit my mixtape because I never put
it out I just leaked a few songs on the web because I wasn't ready for
it and I had so much going on.

4.So you have a title for the new project?

Not really I was thinking Brod-Polar or Brod Almighty or In Brod We
Trust I can go forever lol.

5.When can the people expect the new project?

The end of the summer or early fall I gotta take my time with this
one I want this to be something special for the fans.

6.What other ventures are you taking on new in 2011?

As of right now I'm just focusing on the business side of the music
tryna get money without the majors you feel me I just want the world
to scream this Murc Camp but I got my hands in all kinds of shit
whatever makes money I'm with it I'm hustler baby.

7.How do you feel about the music & entertainment industry in the Magic City as of today?

I feel like its growing some what I don't focus on the negative I
wanna be a solution to the problem no need of complaining about what
it aint so its getting better.

8.What would you tell a rapper trying to start rapping today coming up in the city.

Do something else its too many already lol nall, but keep God first
and put in the work don't sit on your ass create your own luck that's
what its all about.

9.How can promoters or fans and media contact Brod B for shows & bookings?

Follow me on twitter @BRODB62 .I'm all over youtube or just google BRod-B email me

10.Any last words to the people reading interview(Bham Music Blog Readers)?

Stay positive be your own boss stay true to yourself and keep
supporting your own and look out for Murc Camp Music,oh yeah.. Yo baby
mama still love me... haaaaa!!

Bham Music Blog

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