Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bham Music Blog interviews K.D

Rising Bham,AL.talent sits down with Bham Music Blog & chops it up on what he has coming up.Check out interview today.


1.Whats good...{K.D}?

Steady outchea' workin' man, trying to do something good.

2.What are your plans for 2011?

My main thing is to work hard in 2011 and go all out, just give it all I've got and really try to take my music and other ventures to another level, day by day.

3.What are your currnet feelings on the state of hip hop/rap today?

Hip-hop and black music in general is very watered down. The creativity and growth has really just stunted, I don't know if its just that everything has been done in hip hop but there are so many copycats or that the niggaz just scared and on top of that these powers that be in the game have really streamlined and tried their best to control as many aspects of our culture as possible. Hip hop is just missing powerful voices niggaz who aint scared to kick shit up and really dont give a fuck on these records. At the same time the internet has helped and hurt our music. The internet has given media to great music that otherwise would not be heard because of the fucked up politically and monetarily controlled airwaves of radio and television. Also the internet has made hip-hop so accessible that the value of the physical version of the music has desinegrated and taken some money out of the pockets of the independent artist. Every nigga got a mixtape so its like fans have to have a reason to just DOWNLOAD, not BUY your music.

4.What projects are you currently working on?

The G-Fluid is a project that I've been working on for some months now it is my first project with all new material since the "Soul Inn' in 2009. Also this summer I'm droppin a mixtape and DVD "Welcome 2 Birmingham" which will feature me collabing with a lot of hip hop artists in Birmingham and Alabama, just to bring more exposure to everybody here doing they thing. The DVD will include something like a tour of the city, but direct interactions with all the people. Also I'll be working on a project with DJ Burn One solely with his production, a lot of live instruments, just some laid back, grooving player type shit. Also, Im just gon be collabing and doing songs with as many artists as possible, shid whoever wanna do a record lets do it, I dont give a fuck I'm down with everybody who down wit doin some shit wit me.

5.Whats gonna be different you feel from this project from your last?

The G-Fluid is really just me in my lane completly, just like when I was doing the Playa Prezident, I feel the same way musically. On "Untouchable", I did that strictly for the streets and "Soul Inn" was striclty for the blogs and the real music heads out there. On the "G-Fluid" Im just doin straight Southern, Country, Real, Playa type records just me really just doing me 100% bringing all aspects of my sound to one project.

6.What do you feel is your favorite track on the mixtape?

My favorite would probably have to be "Come & Kick It" or "Let Me Ride", but all of them jamming to me though.

7.Who are some of the producers & rappers you worked with on this project?

I don't have too many guest appearances, but I have Freddie Gibbs outta Gary, Indiana, P. Dukes outta Atlanta, and MP outta Birmingham. B. Kirk did most of the production and A&R work on the album, but I also have production from DJ Burn One and of course B-Flattrax.

8.What do you want your fans to take home from G-Fluid?

Just hear how I believe the South and Birmingham supposed to sound musically. Every project I like for the listeners to get to know me personally and get a taste of my real personality on the records. I just want the people too feel like they listening to the greatest shit ever just like I used to feel back in the day hearing dope ass music.

9.What can the people expect from K.D & Hollow Ent coming up in near future?

They can expect me to keep bringing it like I have been and just staying true to me and Hollow Ent, plus all the people who been riding with me. Hollow Ent finna do it too as a team, Don Prez making some noise as well as H.A.M finna do his thang too.

10.What advice would you give a new rapper who just started rapping today?

Man, stay true to you and yourself. Dont make records for nobody else, just make records that you like to hear because the listener gonna be able to distinguish when your music is genuine. Making genuine music is going to keep you going longer than anything else. Most of all you gotta love music and what you doing because if you doing it for the wrong reason you gonna get off track.

11.How can you be reached for shows or bookings? or
(205)790-4014 or 205-527-6244
12.Any last words to your fans & viewers?
Keep riding with me and supporting this Birmingham, Alabama and Southern trill shit

Interview:K.D of Hollow Ent.
Courtesy of Bham Music Blog

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